Granny Rant
Sunday, October 12, 2003
::: Where Has Granny Been? :::

Just real quick.... other than having the Flu Shot Flu I have been:
Attending Taylor Zoo Amimals

Enjoying visits by my Mom and trying to explain to her what
all that printed paper is doing on my coffee table. Then trying
to explain what a Blog is and how it works.

Watching my husband insulate, panel and stain parts
of our enclosed back deck ... in a really sweet attempt to
make a safe place for our 14 yr old, blind RedCat to reside
this winter. At present, he refuses to do more inside than
visit a bit and eat a lot. He is big, furry and the greatest.

Oh yeah ... and working. How could I forget that?


Just read this after posting ... needs clarity. RedCat is the
big, furry and blind one. Hubby is the hard worker. Granny
is the Lazy Momma to the livestock. (4 cats, one lazy dog)

Oh, and by the way RedCat said to tell you: Cats Rule!

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