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Sunday, October 12, 2003
::: Ok ... Granny Wants To Know :::

I was wondering (these are all over the place) ......

* Why Bush would just "take a staffers word for it" that they did not out Plame?
* Why is the American "free-press" coward media still refusing to ask the tough
until after the blogosphere has chewed over politically explosive stories for
months and researched them as much as possible for non-professionals (most of us work
other jobs full time and have much less access and a fraction of the resources)?
* What happened (and when) to divide America into vitriolic halves?
* Why is the mainstream press not all over the Diebold Black Box
voting scandal
* Over last weekend (Sunday night, I think) Why did CNBC hype the Iraq
contract scandal
for the entire hour, then spend less than a minute on reporting it?
* Why is Bush treating our troops like trash?
* Why are the parents of our soldiers having to go out and hunt down the
equipment our military is failing to provide for the troops?
* Why are the troops being given Vietnam-era flak jackets when the military
knows the are inadequate for the ammunition being fired today?
* Why has the press not mentioned the $500 Million being spent of two
HUGE listening ears installations being built in Iraq?
* Why are Americans not demanding an accounting of what has been spent
in Iraq?
* Why are first responders in the U.S. not being funded and suffering lay offs?
* Does this mean there is no longer any danger here in the U.S.?
* TSA is also laying off ... so terrorists are not coming here any longer?
* Why is the Pentagon selling bio-weapons equipment on the internet?
* If what I heard recently is true ... that many of the suits are defective ...
how can they be sold?
* Where is the Pentagon's missing $Trillion?
* Why are Americans accepting obvious war profiteering by its
highest officials?
* How much of taxpayers money has been given to Tom Ridge's DHS and
what was it spent on? Do you have your Duck Taped and do you feel safe?
* Where is a copy of the CPA's Plan for Iraq spending for rebuilding?
* Where is MY tax refund?
* Why are we allowing Ashcroft to continue with the destruction of the
and our freedoms?
* Why does Bush only step up to the plate and do a "quick fix" when he is
called on the many instances of underfunding and no funding, or cuts to vets pay and benefits?
* Does Bush believe it is OK to reveal identities of agents?
* How many more countries do we plan to attack?
* Why do both Medicare proposals contain provisions to prevent
the government from negotiating on drug costs
* How much money is currently being paid to Republicans by the
hugely profitable drug companies?
* Why don't Americans seem to notice or care about America?
* Why are we allowing Bush to back up on EPA rules and
why let him get away with granting oil, gas and electric companies passes?
* Why are lie detector tests not being administrated at the
White House?
* So ... are we completely stupid? We are supposed to be oking the
President's request for around $50 Million for which corporation to
take care of our troops at nearly $4 Billion per month ... Was that KBR?
Was that the Logcap Contract? Are they doing a good job? Do the Troops
have what they need ... plenty of water, food, safe equipment, vehicles in
great repair?
* Why are we allowing jobs to go overseas while millions of Americans
are without work?
* Why are we allowing people to continue to stream into this country
and take jobs?

***** Ok ... stop the questions for a Granny Holding Forth Statement *****

Just to be clear .... Granny is not a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Libertarian,
conservative , neo-conservative or surviving under any particular label. I am
just another citizen with opinions (big grin) ... in search of a place to
discuss, speak out, vent and sometimes Rant.

People always say we need the illegal aliens to do the work we Americans are not
willing to do

I disagree.

I am not for the government providing programs for large blocks of the
population to sit on their hinnys collecting checks and being supported while
many others work to pay for their support.

I do believe in programs for the elderly (they have worked all their lives and
paid into these programs), disabled (they are physically unable to work or cannot work
enough hours to provide for themselves, retired persons social security (here again
these folks have worked and paid for the support)

I do believe we are capable of structuring affordable health insurance programs for
all of our citizens that include prescription benefits. The two current plans being studied fall
woefully short and that is in large part due to such an incredible NOD to the Drug
Companies by politicians from both sides of the isle. It is an outrage that Canada and most
other countries around the world are buying pharmaceuticals at half or below half of what
American wholesalers are paying. Why? The huge Pharmaceutical Lobby, of course.

Since Republicans (I guess my views do fall away from them most of the time) are so intent
on reducing the size of government, why not just be happy with the courts, a few guys to
write out the new rules and a few more to answer the phone at the White House Museum,
telling foreigners ... "not interested."

*** Break *** Gotta change the clothes in the laundry **** back soon

OK Back ... more questions:

* On 9-11, was Bush more interested in restarting Wall Street than protecting N.Y?
* Why are foreign journalist more interested than ours in getting out the truth?
* Why did we spend taxpayers money buying guns for Iraqi police when we
captured acres of them?
* Why, after awarding $Millions in Logcap contracts to KBR, were our troops
subjected to 120 degree heat and only given 2 liters of water daily?
* Why do we not have Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Powell and
others heads arrayed on pikes in front of the White House?
* Why did Bush try to cut hazard pay for vets?
* Why is Bush unwilling to accept an Energy Bill that addresses at least part
of our needs instead of holding out for all the items that will enrich himself and buddies?
* Where is all the $money we found post war? If spent, on exactly what?
* Where is all the $money from seized Iraqi assets? If spent, on what?
* Why are Americans allowing the administration to use 9-11 as a scare tactic
to pass and promote every crazy scheme under the sun?
* How many 2 X 4s does it take to get Americans to wake up?
* Why do we not balk at lying on CSpan hearings claiming Iraqis are either
not prepared to bid for contracts, or their bids are not lower?
* Does Cheney, Lay or Bush really think Americans will forget about ENRON?
* Why are we allowing propaganda on re-importation of Rx Drugs to keep ours high?
* Why are the Pharmaceutical Companies against a Medicare Drug Plan?
* Why has Rep Janklow not resigned? Wasn't he convicted of manslaughter?
* How can Redervists be expected to serve one year without losing everything?
* Why do Americans not realized the War On Terror is an enrichment scheme?
* Did Karl Rove tell MSNBCs Chris Matthews that Wilson's wife was fair game?

Whew .... more later

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