Granny Rant
Thursday, October 16, 2003
::: More For The Record on Iraq :::

JMO from Granny:

We cannot leave Iraq! I cannot believe we are considering such a thing.
Are we? Is it more than rightous anger at being lied to?

I did not want us to go there, did not like being lied to , hated Saddam and
am glad he is gone or not in charge, am not happy about the $Billions being
spent .... BUT

We are there, he is out of power and surely we can find a way to provide
enough security until Iraqis can get on their feet. Whether anyone else
comes in to help or not.

On the $87 Billion. I do not think anyone begrudges the troops their part, and
if Bush & Company had not looted America, the other $20 Billion probably
would not nag at American so fiercely.

Now that we have done this thing, even if under false pretenses and lies,
I believe we do have an opportunity to help build a country that could
change the flavor of the area. I just hope the Iraqis know the difference
between the Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Condi, etc bunch and the real Americans.

We do have something pretty special to offer in Iraq or anywhere else ...
the illusive idea that is America. And it is pretty special.

I think it would go a very long way to making Americans feel more pleased
(boy, that might be a stretch) at being there and spending the money if
we insisted on knowing where every cent is spent.

Americans will be much more confident if we are sure the Bushies are not
ripping off the contracts and Bremer is not living high on the billions.

Ok, so it is simplistic. So shoot me.


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