Granny Rant
Wednesday, October 01, 2003
::: It Is Because They Attack Us At Every Turn :::

That is the reason Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Myers, Abizaid, Bremer and many of the other guys
called to testify before Congress re the monster $87 Billion Bush is seeking, gave for the
impossibility of using Iraq's oil production to pay for the reconstruction of Iraq.

There are tales of bombed pipelines, electric towers, water facilities and on and on they
whine ... we need the $$$.

So if that is the case, can you explain how America can get this construction (at two
different sites in Iraq simultaneously) so far along without it being destroyed?

America's New Snoopy Ears.

From the picture shown at the link, this is HUGE. And just to recap from my
post on September 25th, they are spending $500 Million to build them. Not for nothing,
but it seems like there would be RPGs whizzing through there daily.

Just wondering .....

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