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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
::: Good For Goosey Blair -- Good For Bushie Bear :::

It is finally happening ... well, almost.

Blair has been called on the carpet for pre Iraq misrepresentation
(plus possible implications in a WMD scientist's suicide) of WMD
intelligence. Blair emerges unscathed!

Then ... Australia's PM John Howard found himself in the fry pan.

Perhaps ... Bushie Bear will begin to feel the heat as well ... you think?

“We talked about this repeatedly because chairman Roberts has refused to let this investigation to get even close to the White House and administration,” said Durbin.
“Historically this has never happened, to my knowledge. This has always been a very bipartisan committee and I think Sen. Rockefeller has bent over backwards to try to avoid this kind of partisan[ship.]”
“If that’s true and we can’t get cooperation to look at that then, yes, I strongly feel we should exercise rule six and seven,” she said. She was referring to provisions of the committee’s authorizing resolution.

Rule Six authorizes Roberts or Rockefeller to launch an investigation if five other members of the committee concur. In addition to Rockefeller, there are seven Democrats on the committee — making it nearly certain that Rockefeller would have the necessary support to move forward should he chose to do so.

Rule Seven allows either the chairman or the vice chairman to issue subpoenas “for the attendance of witnesses or the production of memoranda, documents, records or any other material.”

Intelligence committee Democrats note that their panel is the only one in Congress that gives the minority the power to conduct an investigation and issue subpoenas.

On Friday, Levin asked several former CIA officers who testified before the Democratic Policy Committee for names of people in the intelligence community who could possibly testify about political pressure applied from the top of the administration to reach conclusions about the presence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq.

We can always hope ...

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