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Sunday, October 12, 2003
::: About Rush :::

Got an email from Manish at DamnForeigner to notify of an address change
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Fell into comments about Rush Limbaugh and posted the following rant:

I have very mixed feelings on this. After I saw a rebroadcast of his announcement
re his addiction, I was very moved.

I too, disagree with most of what Rush has to say, but I did admire his admission
and his courage to tackle the demon. A bit later that evening I saw more newscasters
reporting on the announcement and they pointed out how many times Rush had railed
against druggies, made fun of them, called them the scum of the earth, etc. Now I am
not sure what to think, but I do realize Rush had no choice but to respond the way he
did ... what else could he do but resign his radio show? He realizes ... what a feather in
his cap it would be if he manages to beat the addiction. Perhaps he has assured his
bosses he can do so and they think this would be a big positive for his image.

As a pharmacy technician, I see this addiction on a daily basis and also the money
making aspects of the habit. We have watched customers come into the store, buy
their Rx for Oxycontin, and drive a couple of parking lots over to sell it out the window
of their car. And believe me, it is a money maker.

Now, another disturbing aspect of the Oxy addiction is how expensive the drug is
both to the pharmacy and to customers ... if they are actually paying for it. But the
truth is most of them get the Oxy on Tenncare which would be a maximum of $5.00
copay (if any). This means Tennessee taxpayers are footing the bill for Oxycontin
The Oxycontin 80mg Tabs are outrageously expensive and I have
seen customers shell out well over $1,500 for an Rx. On private insurance where
copays range from a percentage to near full price ... most run $5.00 to $50.00.

Oxycontin is a time-released drug and if used properly is a true miracle drug for
patients dealing with several different types of pain. One of our customers (a
woman appx 50 yrs old) told me before the doctor prescribed Oxycontin, she
could not get out of bed due to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. She now has her
life back ... all due to the proper use of this drug. The manufacturers of Oxycontin
are aware of the problem and are working on a change in the drug delivery
system so that extra potency cannot be gained by crushing and shooting or by
simply chewing up the tabs (which produces an immediate release of the drugs

The manufacturers said this would take about 3 years to accomplish ... so time
is getting close for their change to be implemented.

In any event, and back to Rush Limbaugh ... I do hope Rush is successful at
beating his addiction. I always wish people well as a general rule because
I think it is right and would hope others would wish me well if I had a problem.

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