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Friday, September 05, 2003
::: Then .... There Are The Facts About Oil :::

Tinfoil Hats ON: Iraqi Oil Not Enough For US ...
Last Days of America?

Johnson of MSNBC quotes Randy Udall of the Community Office for Resource Efficiency,

"If you think of U.S. oil production as a six-pack ... of petroleum, four of the cans
are empty.
We're kind of a black hole for energy,"

I keep reading this over and over in petrochemical publications, old and new studies,
weird science, reasonable and regular science sources and I procrastinate, hating to
ask everyone to constantly don TinFoil Hats. But the truth seems to be ... the

Why are we not doing anything about it? Why are we allowing Oil Barrons (Bush,
Cheney and Crew) to continue on the absurd path of ignoring and discounting
and supressing
the science and scientists with the remarkable technologies
to save us?

Research is being done, has been done and is available NOW, if the powerful,
self-enriching Oil Kings and Politicians would just let go the reins.

Scientists who speak out publicly about Zero Point Energy and Scalar Electromagnetics
(that one they just want to keep secret for weapons and oh, mind control, etc. ),
do not get grants or are subjected to ridicule and drummed out of the scientific
Naturally, everyone wants to make the best and most reputable career
possible, have a nice home, take care of their family and so forth.

So the really radical technology is buried ... unless of course the DoD wants it.

Why do they hate us .... just wait and see!

Just think what the peole now starving and dying where there is no reliable energy
or drinkable water will think of us when they discover we have known about most
of this technology since around the 1900's and it has been supressed so a few rich
guys can get even richer. What kind of human beings will we be?

When J.P. Morgan found out N. Tesla planned to use a planned tower on Long Island
to generate "free energy," he totally flipped, refusing to further fund Tesla's project.
1903 was a landmark year for Tesla's Long Island Plant

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