Granny Rant
Friday, September 26, 2003
::: Put A Terrorist In Your Tank :::

Super post from Writerific on the ridiculous goings on of the Prince of
Darkness, Spook-Cheney, OPEC (the REAL terrorists), the Robotic Wall Street
Motley Fools, more Secret Energy Bunker Musings, and loyal Americans sigh ...
"Gee, aren't we glad we have those smart guys up there in DC to hammer out
the really tough stuff.

Just wait until the public (asleep at the main switch, with cell phone to ear)
finds out how badly the pharmaceutical industry has screwed us. Talk about
"fear as a means of promoting your position." Heard today on the news,
warnings that Americans should be aware of the worrisome trend in the
drug industry ... terrorists could use RX drugs as a weapon!

Well, that has me in the mood to run outside and scream... see ya later.

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