Granny Rant
Wednesday, September 24, 2003
::: The Latest Outrages :::
::: OR ::: A Granny Rant :::

Well, Granny is getting pissed (sorry, but it is true)!

Recently, I listened to Wolfowitz testify on Iraq and how the American people should
be willing to sacrifice for winning the peace. Well, sorry, but I blew a gasket upon
learning Pay Raises in Washington Would Proceed Like Clockwork.

I am pretty sure this was just after the politicians took off the entire month of August ~~
and I am also sure the soldiers in Iraq DID NOT get to take off the same period of

Rummy could have at least declared a congratulatory "End To Major Conflict in Iraq"
... Just for August, you understand! What would have been impressive is to have
Rumsfeld fast rope off a Black Hawk onto an American HumVee (minus the
D/U shielding) in the Sunni Triangle. But then again, I am pretty sure I heard, all during August, our troops were still dying on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then ... Bush gets face time on TV last week to announce a bombshell request for
$87 Billion
for Iraq ... you know, for keeping up the military (that is fine!) and
a bit more ($20 Billion +) for various reconstruction projects.

Last week I also heard our wounded veterans, brought to Walter Reed Hospital
and treated for horrific injuries, including loss of limbs .... upon release are
presented with a $8.10 bill for food they consume for each day of their hospital stay.

The Official Story On The Food Bill ~~ No Less Disturbing

Plus ... Granny must be incredibly naive. I did not realize the soldiers had to pay for their
uniforms and apparently much more Just read below, or better still click the link:

"A uniform and boots cost $172.65. Add body armor for $1,620, a helmet for $322 and a load-bearing vest for $120.05.

Weiner said, "This will carry magazines of ammunition, grenades, and also canteens, first aid kit."

Nuclear, biological and chemical gear, including a gas mask, costs $341.75.

Weiner said, "This is the molie pack. This is to carry all of our gear - extra chow, extra clothes, extra ammunition."

Depending on the rifle they're carrying, it could cost around $700 apiece and walkie talkies are nearly $600. "

This is only the beginning. Consider the following:

***Returning vets who could be dealing with nightmares and visions of amputated limbs, heads
blown off, blood and guts strewn across the sand get this message from Bush: "Suck it up."
Funding for Post Tramatic Stress has been CUT.

***Military dependents normally covered under "Impact Aid," a program to help families
with the cost of having to move to a new area where schooling will be costly, will receive ZIP. Not funded!
George W. Whacks Aid For Military Children

"IF CYNICISM were a planet, the Bush administration would be Jupiter, the biggest of all.

These people have turned cynicism into political art, routinely claiming in public to be supportive of children, education, veterans, and other popular constituencies, while maneuvering in the back rooms to gut budgets and programs that support these very constituencies. An especially disgusting example is Bush's recent gut job on the program that provides essential school aid for the children of our troops. "

So now you get short changed because Granny is hungry!! Other rumors I have heard, but not had time to link:

*** Disabled Vets who receive pensions now have to deduct dollar for dollar from their
pensions what they receive for being disabled.
*** Combat and Hazard Pay Cut
*** Reserve Military families on wellfare.


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