Granny Rant
Wednesday, September 10, 2003
::: Just General Ramblings :::

Does anyone else wonder why Bush, Republicans and the Fox Boys continue
to refer to Iraq as a mud village full of illiterates? A reporter or pundit today
bragged about the U.S. re-opening schools. And he actually said something
about Iraqi children going to school for the first time. I suppose that is
possible, but weren't we told repeatedly how well educated the Iraqi people
were. Those guys better watch out ... Americans may stop believing them.

I still want to know why we are incapable of reparing the electricity, water and
other essentials in Iraq. Isn't Bechtel all that? And Halliburton has
not managed to get enough oil for the Iraqis to have oil for themselves...
well, maybe they have now, but a short while back, Iraqis were lined up like
the 70's in America. Then I heard they were pumping oil to Turkey. Not up to
speed on this, but since I am rambling here ... I guess I can have a pass. Yes?

Watching Wolfowitz squirm on CSpan last night before the Senate Committee
was better than chocolate ice cream. He kept speechifying on and on ...
expounding on the sacrifices American would have to make. Well ... Hear
this: Americans would be more willing to sacrifice if the elite would stop
profiteering from the war.
Stop the scramble for another country's oil,
stop rewarding each other with billion dollar contracts, and the ultimate
slap in the face to the American people: stop giving yourself raises all
the time when Americans can barely make ends meet!

The above in particular really gets me steamed. What bald-faced arrogance.

Ok... back soon ... gotta check the puppie and cook, but have a great post to
make if I can get the zoo under control this evening......

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