Granny Rant
Wednesday, September 10, 2003
::: Idiot Bush Holds Forth :::
::: Under Banner of "Homeland Security" :::

It gets more difficult every day to listen to Dubya's bull.
He keeps repeating the same horse hockey ~~ the
same stuff everyone knows is a LIE.

"....... and those terrorist networks are no more ...
we are making progress ... so they cannot strike
the United States again .... blah, blah, blah."

Just nauseating!

And not only that.... Homeland Security is such a joke!
When quizzed by Congress, neither Ridge or his hirelings
could answer most of the questions put to them. There
were two guys on there one night (never got their names,
I came into the broadcast late) who did not answer a
single question!

Plus ... even though I have not checked the details, I
have heard the program is severely underfunded.
That is just like all the other programs ... botched!

The only thing Bush has funded are the Tax Cuts.

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