Granny Rant
Tuesday, September 23, 2003
::: Granny ~~~ What's Up? :::

Hi .... just wanted to stop by a second before work to say I am still alive
and kicking. Several items have cropped up on my agenda to keep me
from posting ... visiting grand kids, visiting parents, a minor buggie,
care of my sick doggie. Gaby the wonderhound is much better!

I have been listening and watching, though. Bush is on TV now at the
UN and I am afraid he will continue to be an ass, and repeat the same
"cowboy" rhetoric. Matter of fact, I can hear him doing so now.

What a silly toad!

Anyway, have been reading lots ... studying a huge download on the
history of Freemasonry, Illuminati and the Mormons. Whew ... quite a
project and am discovering many interesting things about these con-
nected groups.

Wow! It is difficult for me to believe our founding fathers we so tied in
with what boils down to occultism. But don't get me going this am --
no time.

Back soon! Granny

Just a P.S. here. I am NOT slamming the membership of the Masons. My
father was a Mason, wore the ring and I still have his beautiful Masonic

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