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Wednesday, September 03, 2003
::: Dance On The Graves Of The 9-11 Dead :::

Pitt Blasts Bush's Road to Iraq Show

William Rivers Pitt takes us from the 2000 Election (selection) to plans for the 2004
Republican Convention "next to the hole in the ground in New York ... and dance
on the graves of the dead who helped you get your war. Remember: No shame."

Dotted with loads of links like:

11. Stand before the American people during your constitutionally-mandated State of the Union address and lie like a rug about the threat posed by Iraq. Use evidence of an Iraqi nuclear program based upon crudely forged documents from Niger. Ignore other career intelligence officials, including the one you sent to investigate your 'evidence' who returned to label it fake and forged, when they state flatly that your estimations of the Iraq threat are far from accurate or honest.

12. Send your Secretary of State into the well of the United Nations Security Council to make your case, full in the knowledge that you are going to war no matter what that body decides. Show the UN absolutely no respect by allowing your Secretary of State to argue for war using intelligence data that is ten years old and plagiarized from the work of a graduate student. Note the irony surrounding the fact that this presentation comes a week after your State of the Union address, but that your Secretary of State refused to use the evidence you used before the American people in front of the international community.

And here is something Granny had never heard ...

14. Use the same discredited intelligence from Niger to convince Congress that a vote for war is absolutely necessary. Try to get them to pass a resolution that authorizes you to make war "on the region" surrounding Iraq as well as Iraq itself. When you don't get those three important words in the resolution, settle for what you did get.

Recommended by Granny ... a teriffic read!!

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