Granny Rant
Wednesday, September 03, 2003
::: CynicalCyn Brings us a Scorecard of the Naive :::
::: Maureen Dowd ::: Slick Willie vs Dubya :::

*** Getting rid of OBL and Saddam and the Taliban and Al Qaeda, which we did not ...
*** Al Qaeda is replicating like cockroahes
*** Newsweek: OBL in Afghanistan plotting to use bio-weapons against America
*** The blow-up of the Road Map for Peace
*** Rummy and the lighter, faster force now being picked off by guerrillas
*** NeoCons - Ignore and push past the UN
*** Cheney (threatening to replace Rummy as the Prince of Darkness) -
*** We'll blow off the "chocolate making countries" - do it ourselves
*** Pentagon - sideline CIA and State on war and reconstruction
*** Cheney - banish that 60's feeling
*** NeoCons - democracy will spread like wildfire in Middle East

The capper - 25-member Iraqi Governing Council puppets scared to work late -
"On the Council, someone makes a suggestion, then it goes around the room, with everyone talking about it, and then by that time, it's late afternoon and time to go home."

Compare: Clinton's herky-jerky interventions around the world
and how the Bush "dream-team" makes our unseen tormentors
seem canny and organized.

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