Granny Rant
Wednesday, September 10, 2003
A Big Thank You and A Hug For All Who
Responded and Wished My Doggie Well

Gaby Update:

Sunday was the worst day so far. She was so terribly sad and weak, but now
she is moving better, the 6" gash on her hip is healing beautifully, one (even
longer) is not doing so hot, but that is because I cannot get the little witch to
stop licking the stiches. However, I am on her case, using betadine (not very
tasty) and am planning to get some BFI powder. The vet said that particular
place was two 4-5 inch gashes which he sewed as one. And there is one down
deep on her lower belly we have not even tried to glimpse.

That Saturday (or maybe Friday ... have lost track) night when the vet lifted
the towel, I knew by the look on the his face ... Gaby was hurt very badly
and might not make it. But when he called later around eleven to let me know
how it went and he gave me more detail, and I became more and more worried.

I also told him he'd better fix that mutt, cause if it was a choice between me
and the dog, my hubbie would have me on the pike.

This AM I threatened her with taping her belly, using gauze pads, but she
seemed altogether unimpressed. She just looks up at you with big weenie-
dog eyes ... you know about those, I'm sure.

Already the spoiled rotten queen of the house, my hubbie and I are fearful
she will be asking for the car keys and money for a steak joint before long.
She had me holding a bowl of water under her mouth so she could drink.
So I expect to see her flying down the road any day now, weenie-dog ears
flapping in the wind..

Thanks again for your concern. Granny, Hubbie, and the Zillion cats

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