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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
::: Warning For Dog / Cat Owners :::

This was in response to SayUncle's post: This is really awful --->

Hagerstown residents who own pit bulls would have to register them with the Hagerstown Police Department within 60 days or risk losing them under an ordinance Police Chief Arthur Smith on Tuesday asked the Hagerstown City Council to adopt.
Under the proposal, there would be only one 60-day period during which pit bulls could be registered.

At the close of the registration period, pit bulls could not legally be moved into Hagerstown, and unregistered pit bulls already in the city would be illegal.

In both cases, the owners would be required to forfeit the animals to the city, Smith said.

::: My Response ~~ Had to Lighten Up a Bit :::>

I am so tenderhearted about animals, I cannot watch some of the awful stuff they put on TV.

At the height of the SARS epidemic, I even got upset when they showed all the caged animals in China ... the live ones at the markets to be sold for food. They looked so terrified and helpless.

Cold dead hands about sums it up ... just try to get my babies away from me. Besides, I like animals much better than people and way better than kids ... at least they don't talk as much and they are more honest. (Well, sometimes a mite sneaky for a treat or an unguarded steak.)

Wow forgot about BlackCat who lept onto the counter and absconded with a half-raw steak right out of the pan... scorched his paws too, the little devil. But that was a long time ago.

I am a bit mad when it comes to animals, I suppose. You should have seen my husband's face when I suggested a Deer rang the doorbell the other night at 2 am.

Don't laugh, RedCat (I know ... I am super inventive and original when naming pets) is too short and besides, he is blind and probably too arthritic to jump that high. And something sure rang the bell ... twice. When I went to the door and turned on the porch light, RedCat was standing there looking out off the porch so ... all I know to do is cue the Twilight Zone Music.

Warn all cat owners! There have been recent reports that cats have been involved in secret activities.

At first I thought perhaps they were part of a Secret Government or something, but then I learned the truth!

Felines have been surfing the web while while owners are at work. The report quoted, "You really gotta be careful with all the Kitty Porn online now ... it really is just a pawclick away.

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