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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
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Katherine Harris Holds Nazi Town Meeting

BRADENTON - U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris had planned a quick town meeting Thursday
night at Bradenton Kiwanis Hall.

But when hundreds of people showed up with detailed questions, her tight schedule didn't
allow detailed answers, and a frustrated crowd turned angry, booing the congresswoman
several times.


The crowd's mood already was testy before the meeting began. Security guards and
Harris' staff confiscated any written material people tried to bring into the hall.

The confiscated literature included analysis of the Medicare prescription bills passed
in the House and Senate in June as well as a chart showing Harris' voting record
since she began her term in January.


Pat Benson of Bradenton said she had never been at a town meeting where
literature was confiscated at the door.


"We are not taking anything away," McKee said. "All of the material is still
here and they can pick it up when they leave. They just can't take it into
the hall. The ethics laws do not allow us to let them take it in. We have to
be very, very careful that there are no laws broken with our member
(of Congress)."

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