Granny Rant
Saturday, August 09, 2003
::: Nazi Attorney General True to Form :::

Between the Repubs waiting until the middle of the night (The
Midnight Cram)
to pass legislation so the American people
are sleeping (tossing and turning) in their beds, misuse of Homeland
Security to chase down Democrats at the expense of the taxpayers,
calling the Capitol Police when Dems are taking time to study new
proposals dumped on them with no time for review and our proud
leader, Ashcroft, shredding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
at every turn ... life in Dc must be a thrill a minute.

::: Ashcroft on a Binge Again :::

WASHINGTON - Attorney General John Ashcroft wants prosecutors
to closely monitor which judges impose more lenient sentences
than federal guidelines recommend, a step some critics say could
limit judicial independence

Critics worry ....

It's telling judges who want to depart from the guidelines "that you
will be put on a list and you will be watched," said Ryan King, research
associate with The Sentencing Project, a nonprofit group seeking
alternatives to prison. "We're no longer judging a case on the merits."

President Bush in April signed into law the wide-ranging
child protection legislation that, among other things, will establish
a national "Amber Alert" communications network to respond to
child abductions.

Tucked into that measure was a provision sponsored by Rep. Tom
Feeney, R-Fla., intended to make it more difficult for federal judges
to depart from federal sentencing guidelines and easier to appeal
light sentences.

It is absolutely imperative Americans stay alert and not
allow Ashcroft to pass his fav new bill ... DSEA or Patriot II, i.e.
Screw the Constitution
It destroys what is left of freedom in
America and puts us one step further down the road to a police
state mentality.

Remember ... All it will take is one more tragedy of the magnitude
of 9-11 to push We The Sheeple over the edge, running scared, and
happy to agree to most any conditions. If we allow that to happen,
the next step at Homeland Security for America will be internment
camps. In case nobody is paying attention, Bush has been on his
giddayup and has most of the world in chaos. One good point is
we probably do not have enough troops to get the job done at

Or ... to save more money for the tax cuts for the rich, why
not just ship the unruly to Guantanimo.

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