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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
::: More Lies About Iraq ::: OR :::
::: Inquiring Minds In America Don't Want to Know :::

We really are just so very busy what with shopping at the mall
for new school clothes, deciding whether to repaint the dining room,
whether or not now is really the time or refinance, or should we really
consider buying a smallar car, you know, for political correctness. Then,
there is always that safety factor. Wouldn't we rather be enclosed in
a really huge hunk of metal rather than a dangerous tiny car likely to be
squashed by a lumbering SUV ..... oh, well time to pick up the kids at
the pool .....

Question, questions, always questions ...

You know what is funny ... someone asked Mary HighSchoolGrad the
other day if she knew what the Federal Reserve was.

Mary replied,
"That is the army they keep on hand in case we need them, you know,
for extra stuff."

We ... Americans ... are so spoiled and have such wondeful lives, we
just cannot be bothered with ... nitty details ...

War On Truth

Every day now, in the United States, the all-pervasive media tell Americans that their bloodletting in Iraq is well under way, although the true scale of the attacks is almost certainly concealed. Soon, more soldiers will have been killed since the "liberation" than during the invasion. Sustaining the myth of "mission" is becoming difficult, as in Vietnam. This is not to doubt the real achievement of the invaders' propaganda, which was the suppression of the truth that most Iraqis opposed both the regime of Saddam Hussein and the Anglo-American assault on their homeland. One reason the BBC's Andrew Gilligan angered Downing Street was that he reported that, for many Iraqis, the bloody invasion and occupation were at least as bad as the fallen dictatorship

This is unmentionable here in America. The tens of thousands of Iraqi dead and maimed do not exist. When I interviewed Douglas Feith, number three to Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, he shook his head and lectured me on the "precision" of American weapons. His message was that war had become a bloodless science in the service of America's unique divinity. It was like interviewing a priest. Only American "boys" and "girls" suffer, and at the hands of "Ba'athist remnants", a self-deluding term in the spirit of General Maude's "miscreants". The media echo this, barely gesturing at the truth of a popular resistance and publishing galleries of GI amputees, who are described with a maudlin, down-home chauvinism which celebrates the victimhood of the invader while casting the vicious imperialism that they served as benign. At the State Department, the under-secretary for international security, John Bolton, suggested to me that, for questioning the fundamentalism of American policy, I was surely a heretic, "a Communist Party member", as he put it.

Oh well ... gotta run to the mall.
P.S.. ... be sure to click on the nitty details to read more on the extent
of the lies (Pvt. Lynch) regurgitated by the American Free Press.

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