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Friday, August 15, 2003
::: Fox News NOT Fair & Balanced

Ok, while I was listening to all the coverage of the Black Out, I was flipping
channels and landed on the dreaded Faux News. And what do you think
they were reporting: Doom & Gloom

Yep ... it was all about how vulnerable we are, all the obvious weakness in
our infrastructure, cause our nuke plants are not safe and our water supply
is vulnerable and our ports are not safe and the border security sucks and
how much more $$ we needed to spend on Homeland Security to be more

Yadata, Yadata, Yadata. And There Could Death Rays From Mars!

When their consultant was asked about the Energy Bill stuck in Congress
for so long and why it had not passed, he glossed right over the fact that
Bush has his Alaska Drilling plan stuffed in the middle of the Bill ... the
consultant said it was "just politics."

Yet ... on all the other cable channels, most were praising the residents
of New York for their kindness and courtsey and how everyone was
performing heroic acts in helping others. Indeed, when I saw the
video of thousands of people inching down the streets on foot, and
bottlenecked at the dock trying to get on ferries, I was sure there
would be at the very least ... rudeness, not to mention the "concert
stampede syndrome."

And these comments were repeated in other cities as well, even though
there were a few incidents in most towns.

One of my favorites spots in the news today was when the reporters
told Iraqis the power was out in New York and many other cities. The
reactions were mixed. One fellow said, "we have been living like this
for 35 years and they are complaining about a few hours?" And the
other man interviewed kept saying, "Power is out in New York? No,
that is not true. No America is rich country, they can do ... no that
is not true." (or something close... not a direct quote but the gist is
he was not believing it at all)

One of the announcers said tonight, "New Yorkers are tough, we will
make it fine."

And my first thought was, "True, but I suggest AMERICANS are tough,
and we will make it fine."

For you see, for all of Granny's investigation, and interest in all things
conspiratorial, no matter what nefarious plot seems to be
true and it follows we should investigate more and stay on the Neo-Dubyas
butts ... I just cannot get an 8 X 10 of Americans just laying down to
anyone coming to take our country, our freedom or our lives.

We will jump right up off our fat duffs, winded for sure, and
fight like mad to preserve our way of life. Yep, it is too great
to let slip away."

USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...USA...USA... USA...USA...USA...USA...

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