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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
::: Cheney Should Pay Fine :::

Woman who went to Iraq as 'human shield' faces federal fine

Saturday, August 9, 2003

Associated Press

SARASOTA — A woman who went to Iraq to serve as a human shield during the war faces thousands of dollars in federal civil penalties. She says she'll go to prison rather than pay.

Faith Fippinger of Sarasota was told in a letter from the U.S. Department of Treasury that she broke the law by crossing the Iraqi border, violating U.S. sanctions that prohibit American citizens from "virtually all direct or indirect commercial, financial or trade transactions with Iraq."

Fippinger, 62, who learned of the March 20 letter when she returned home May 4, owes the United States at least $10,000, she was told.

"If it comes to fines or imprisonment, please be aware that I will not contribute money to the United States government to continue the build-up of its arsenal of weapons," Fippinger wrote back.

She said she has no intention of paying. "Therefore, perhaps the alternative should be considered."

The alternative could be as much as 12 years in prison.

So if she has to pay, Why Not Cheney?

At the end of April, Henry Waxman was so concerned he wrote Rumsfeld to inquire about Halliburton's ties to terrorism.

Quite a catalogue of charges leveled here from: doing business with two of the three countries named in Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech, wondering why Marc Rich is considered a traitor, but Halliburton is not, why in 2002, VP Cheney lied on national television and denied his involvement -- only to have to correct that a month later.

Cheney stated, "I had a firm policy that we would not do anything in Iraq, even -- even arrangements that were supposed to be legal ...[W]e've not done any business in Iraq since the sanctions [were] imposed, and I had a standing policy that I wouldn't do that."

A month later, confronted with an admission by a Halliburton spokesman that the company indeed did business with Iraq, Vice President Cheney admitted that "[w]hen we took over Dresser, we inherited two joint ventures with Ingersoll-Rand that were selling some parts to Iraq," but he said he did not know of this at the time.

Cheney also said that "[s]hortly after we took control of Dresser, we divested ourselves of those two companies."

Both of these statements have been contradicted. Two former senior exectutives of the Halliburton subsidiaries say they knew of no Policy against doing business with Iraq.

And then there is this :::

Dick Cheney's Daughter a 'Human Shield' in Iraq?

The office of Vice President Dick Cheney denies rumors that one of his daughters intends to serve as a 'human shield' in the Iraq war

March 27, 2003 — Denying reports apparently originating from Echo of Moscow, a radio station in Russia's capital, a staff member in Dick Cheney's office told UPI on Tuesday that neither of the vice president's daughters is en route to Baghdad to become a "human shield" in the Iraq war.

The Russian-language broadcast on Saturday, March 22 asserted that Cheney's eldest daughter Elizabeth was already in Amman, Jordan awaiting transport to Iraq. "According to unofficial sources," the broadcast continued, "Elizabeth intends to join with members of the 'Human Shields' located at important Iraqi sites."

By mid-week the story had become fodder for international gossip, making the rounds of independent media, Weblogs and online discussion groups. On Tuesday the Middle Eastern news site put the icing on the cake by claiming that Vice President Cheney himself was about to make an emergency trip to Jordan to fetch his errant offspring back home. "He will try to convince his daughter, who is currently staying at a hotel in Amman, not to go to Baghdad along with a group of volunteers who want to go to Iraq and form human shields against the Anglo-American attacks," the report said. (Spinning the story in a fresh direction, Al-Bawaba went on to speculate that it's actually Mary Cheney, described as the vice president's "lesbian daughter," who's on her way to stop bullets in Baghdad.)

According to UPI, the entire Cheney family is present and accounted for in the United States, with no immediate travel plans.

Hmmmm ...................

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