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Saturday, August 16, 2003
::: Why America HAS To Have The Oil :::

Brain Food -- Third Quarter, 1999
by Jay Hanson --

{One should bear in mind that since this comes from the fabled ... Might be a good idea to break out the TinFoil Hats}
::: Also bearing in mind Clinton was President at this time.

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According to the information I have been reading ... and I mean from all sorts of
studies on the subject ... from Gov agencies, conspiracy theorists, scientists,
IHS Energy Group (formerly Petroconsultants)

By 2010, Muslim nations could control 60 percent of the world's oil production and, more importantly, 95 percent of the world's oil exports. In short, the Muslim exporting nations have Western economies by the throat.

One hundred years ago, fundamentally defective economic theories led to two world wars with millions killed. Today, the same defective economic theories are taught to students all over the world and are leading to a new generation of world wars with billions killed.

America will soon lose the stability the framers worked so hard to create because it is becoming wholly dependent upon inherently unstable (authoritarian) oil-producing Muslim nations like Indonesia. It happened twenty-five years ago when OPEC quadrupled world oil prices and plunged America into "stagflation". Fortunately, the non-OPEC producers still had a HUGE unexploited oil cushion to fall back on and simply pumped central bankers out of their economic crisis.

But that was 1973 and this is 1999 -- twenty-five years later the oil cushion is gone. Muslim nations will soon control virtually all of the world’s oil exports. Since neither capital nor labor can create energy, the next round of energy-shortage-induced stagflation will leave central bankers helpless and they will seek military solutions to their economic problems.

It's the best-kept secret in Washington, Whitehall, Brussels, and Jerusalem, but it's just a matter of time until word hits the street…

The United States is physically unable to produce enough oil domestically to keep its economy alive and is forced to rely on imports. In 1998, the United States imported 53 percent of its oil needs. This deficit is growing -- and will continue to grow until the economy collapses exactly like it did twenty-five years ago. What's utterly amazing is that even though these data are available for everyone to see on the BP Amoco web site -- and in every major library for non-surfers -- there's nobody in the Oval Office who seems to know how to search the web (or the library)? Even our "environmentalist VP" -- who claims to have "invented" the Internet -- is apparently unable (or unwilling) to access BP's database

By a hundred years ago, physics had incorporated the laws of thermodynamics. Obviously, energy laws that govern the physical world also govern the economic world. Physical scientists attempted to point out this crucial fact to economists:

"It is, in fact, the fate of all kinds of energy of position to be ultimately converted into energy of motion. The former may be compared to money in a bank, or capital, the latter to money which we are in the act of spending ... If we pursue the analogy a step further, we shall see that the great capitalist is respected because he has the disposal of a great quantity of energy; and that whether he be nobleman or sovereign, or a general in command, he is powerful only from having something which enables him to make use of the services of others. When a man of wealth pays a labouring man to work for him, he is in truth converting so much of his energy of position into actual energy...The world of mechanism is not a manufactory, in which energy is created, but rather a mart, into which we may bring energy of one kind and change or barter it for an equivalent of another kind, that suits us better -- but if we come with nothing in hand, with nothing we will most assuredly return." [Balfour Stewart, 1883] [20]

But economists never understood the laws of thermodynamics because they evolved to worship the Market God instead.

~~~Warning ~ Brain Vomit Coming Up~~~
So there .... looks like we are in deep doodie and the funny part is months
before the Iraq War, I remember telling one of my friends I had been reading
some papers on the energy supply and had come to the conclusion ~~~~

America HAS to have the OIL ... we have no choice if we plan to continue
living as we do today.

Then Bush and Company went on the SELL to the American people about
the Iraq War ... and being one of the Americans he was trying to SELL,
I got pissed off. At that time, I knew he was not telling us the truth, and
I even remembered tell Charlie we had to have the oil, but listening to
all the rhetoric on the nightly news ... I guess I pushed it into the back-

I do believe the studies and I do believe we are near the end of having
the kind of oil supply we think we need (and I sure want it like everyone
else). But as I look down the road, I am hoping we can break the barriers
on the really incredible technology hidden by the Oil Barrons and save
ourselves. Of course, if we are talking about Zero Point or Free Energy
and it became a reality tomorrow, it would still take down the economy.
And all the starving third worlders will be soooooo mad we have let
them flounder in poverty, disease and without proper food or water.

Now ... another thought is what they plan to do with the Driected Energy
Weapons they are developing - Classified, of course - Could be we are
just using HAARP in Alaska to work on the Missile Shield. On the other
hand, we could be planning to ZAP the Oil-Rich Countries with the Tesla
Death Ray or just EMP all thier technology, strangle the locals and take
the oil. But we are sure gonna need one heck of a lot more troops for
that job, don't cha know.

Rats-A-Mundo ....What to do, what to do???

Final thought from Yergin ...

WHATEVER THE TWISTS AND TURNS in global politics, whatever the ebb of imperial power and the flow of national pride, one trend in the decades following World War II progressed in a straight and rapidly ascending line -- the consumption of oil. If it can be said, in the abstract, that the sun energized the planet, it was oil that now powered its human population, both in its familiar forms as fuel and in the proliferation of new petrochemical products. Oil emerged triumphant, the undisputed King, a monarch garbed in a dazzling array of plastics. He was generous to his loyal subjects, sharing his wealth to, and even beyond, the point of waste. His reign was a time of confidence, of growth, of expansion, of astonishing economic performance. His largesse transformed his kingdom, ushering in a new drive-in civilization. It was the Age of Hydrocarbon Man.
-- Daniel Yergin, 1992. [1]

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