Granny Rant
Saturday, August 30, 2003
::: Baghdad Burning Weighs In On Bombing :::

“[Iraq] is not a country in chaos and Baghdad is not a city in chaos.” – Paul Bremer

Where is this guy living? Is he even in the same time zone??? I’m incredulous… maybe he's from some alternate universe where shooting, looting, tanks, rape, abductions, and assassinations aren’t considered chaos, but it’s chaos in *my* world.

River goes on to say ~~ Since the beginning of the occupation, over 400 females have been abducted and that is only the reported abductions. Rather than ask the CPA for assistance, the male members of the family usually search for the abductee and take whatever revenge they can.

As to the bombing, she says she hated the Islamic Fundamentalism of the Ayatollah, but says the killng was not to way to handle it.

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