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Friday, July 04, 2003
What Will Bush Do With Those Pesky Evil Doer "Detainees?"

Hmmm ... Rummy is busy hunting Saddam and WMD in Iraq :::
Eureka ::: Simple ::: Have A Loyal Neocon Hang 'Em High

Granny is personally waiting for word on the Castor Beans!!! Also wondering
if Rummy's WMD Team has dug up any more dead dogs, (you know, maybe like
a mass doggie grave) cause I was thinking ... if so, it could be the work of a
Serial Dog Killer. Oh, never mind, just a thought.

As reported by Elaine Cassell of Counterpunch :::

Foreign news sources have reported that execution chambers are under construction.
Bush and Rumsfeld are said to be deciding who the lucky ones are to be tried in this
mockery of "justice."

Defense deputy gets authority for military tribunals.

And who could that executioner be?

The one, the only, the unhonorable, the dissembling, and the anti-constitution autocrat,
Paul Wolfowitz. He will run the military tribunals in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or wherever
else outside the US Rumsfeld chooses to try these poor souls.

Wolfowitz will exercise key powers in the commission process. After the chief military
prosecutor drafts charges against a prisoner , Wolfowitz will "approve" the charges and
send the detainee to trial. So he has already served as chief prosecutor, grand jury,
and presiding judge.

As appointing authority, he also will select military officers to sit on commissions. If
commission members cannot resolve matters related to procedures, motions or facts,
Wolfowitz will make the final decision. There you go, a judge again. The article did
not say that Wolfowitz would carry out the executions.

How Could This Happen?

A criminal court created by Bush, run by the Pentagon, and with
"laws" drafted in consort with Ashcroft, Chertoff, and minions at the Department
of Justice. The trials will be in secret. The chief defense attorney is a reluctant
officer who had been praying for the prosecutor's position (won't he give some zealous
defense?). American defense attorneys, if any prisoner can afford one, will have to
swear a vow of allegiance to Rumsfeld, of course, agree to a lifetime gag order, and
stand by while certain proceedings against his client are held in secret, out
of his presence.


NOT GOOD!! TinFoil Hats ON, Please.
This does seem to be the path We The Sheep
have chosen ::: Shake off those July 4th Hot Dogs
and Beer and scroll down.

Announcing the New Post 9-11 Declaration of Independence

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