Granny Rant
Saturday, July 19, 2003
Report from the Couch

At the top of my wish list would be the installation of a BS
on the front of every TV and at the top of the

Would sell, of course, for $19.95.

And the Deluxe Model - suitable for Presidential Speeches,
would feature a fluctuating electrical shock to the speaker.

Now wouldn't that just be the ticket for:
Lying Snake List , i.e Stil Lying After All These Years

Hanity & Pseudo Lib Combs (He is an Alien... it is in the eyes)
Rev. Jerry Faldwell (Assumes we are all going to Hell and he may be right)
Chris Matthews (most of the time, plus I heard him say Fuck on CSpan so he must be bad))
Brit Hume (No Comment)
Michael Savage (Pretty sure None of his oars in water)
Tucker Carlson (full of Hillary's Cake, she said "Cake or Death,? and Eddie Izzard sued her)
Bob Novak (Horse's Butt)
William Kristol & Neocons, Inc (Goin Down with the Bush Titanic)
Joe Scarborough (Sorta seems to be trying to just hop in whichever boat not sinking)
Rummy, Cheney, Rice et al (Axis of Lying Weasels)
That other stick up his butt liar on Fox wearing a bowtie trying to defend Bush

{Well, you have to cut me slack cause I have been really, really sick and basically Brain Dead}
Golly, too many to list.... add on to the list guys!! Just email an addition to

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