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Tuesday, July 22, 2003
The Office of Special Plans (OSP) :::
OR ::: Oily, Sleazie Snakes (OSS)

IraqGate, WeaponsGate, IntelGate, FishTale, TailGate ... whatever name you hang
on it, Bush Junta still spells Screw The American People and Screw Iraq!

Pitt always tells it like it is

In this case, Crime is worse than the Cover-Up.

Jus a few points and you can click the above link for a great article:

The simple fact is that America went to war in Iraq because George W. Bush,
Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and virtually every
other public face within this administration vowed that Iraq had vast stockpiles of
chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. America went to war because these
people vowed that Iraq had direct connections to al Qaeda, and by inference
to the attacks of September 11.

In his article on TruthOut, William Rivers Pitt enumerates by date a few of the
statements that stoked fears within an already shellshocked American
populace that Iraqi nuclear weapons and anthrax would come raining out of
the sky at any moment.

Pitt points out this same information was delivered in dire tones to Congress,
which voted for war on Iraq based almost exclusively on the testimony of CIA
Director, George Tenet.

The intel was baseless, bogus, forged and simply manufactured,
manipulated, hyped, exaggerated, embroidered, embellished, fudged,
sexed-up, magnified, overcharged, overstated, padded, stretched,
and dressed in a Poodle Skirt
by Rumsfeld's Office of Special Plans.
By the way, OSP is Rumsfeld's own intelligence org, created by the
Pentagon, of the Pentagon and for the Pentagon.

Ok, take the Yellow-Cake Fudge .... obvious to any fool on ice skates ~ LIE

OSP, staffed by rank ameteurs, was created by Rumsfeld and his
cabal of hawks to reinterpret, second-guess, i.e. trump-up, whatever
intel did not suit their war-mongering purposes.

OSP, is not paid by our government (kinda reminds you of The Federal
Reserve, doesn't it?)
not subject to any oversight, still prevailed over
the data being handed down by the State Dept and the CIA, a feat
attributed to our gracious and (self-enriching) Vice President, Cheney.

The highest levels of the OSP were staffed by heavy-hitters like Undersecretary
of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith, and William Luti, a former Navy officer who
worked for Cheney before joiningthe Pentagon. These two men, along with their
civilian advisors, worked according to a strategy that they hoped would recreate
Iraq into anIsraeli ally, destroy a potential threat to Persian Gulf oil trade, and
wrap U.S. allies around Iran. The State Department and CIA saw this plan as
being badly flawed and based upon profoundly questionable intelligence. The
OSP responded to these criticisms by cutting State and CIA completely out of the
loop. By the time the war came, nearly all the data used to justify the action to
the American people was coming from the OSP. The American intelligence community
had been totally usurped.

When the OSP wanted to change or exaggerate evidence of Iraqi weapons
capabilities, they sent Vice President Cheney to CIA headquarters on un-
precedented visits where he demanded "forward-leaning" interpretations
of the evidence. When Cheney was unable to go to the CIA, his chief of staff,
Lewis "Scooter" Libby, went in his place.

On three occasions, former congressman Newt Gingrich visited CIA in
his capacity as a "consultant" for ultra-conservative hawk Richard Perle
and his Defense Policy Board. According to the accounts of these visits,
Gingrich browbeat the analysts to toughen up their assessments of the
dangers posed by Hussein.
He was allowed access to the CIA and
the analysts because he was a known emissary of the OSP.

Alrighty then ::: Just one more or maybe two little items.

Gonna let you guys go to the article for the ridiculous facts on the appointment of
Chalabi. This Bloggosphile has never witnessed such arrogance in an admin-
istration, not even Nixons!
For full article, see above link.

Here are a few tidbits discovered by Jodie Evans, an organizer for International
Occupation Watch Center (IOWC) from Pitt's article:

This is too amazing to be believed and is really a stomach churner. As the
resident Conspiracy Theorist, I will forward this observation. If the
agenda of the NWO folks (Bush and Cabal and most of the rest of DC)
really is to promote destabilization around the world, well, damn if they
are not just top notch at it.

I spoke last week with a woman named Jodie Evans, long-time peace
activist and organizer of a group called the International Occupation Watch
Center, or IOWC. The purpose of the IOWC is to stand as watchdogs in
Iraq over the corporate contracts being doled out, and to view in person
what is happening to the Iraqi people. "I think that if you were against
the war, then you need to be there," said Evans, "because there is no
one in Iraq who is for the Iraqi people, and the people know it. They
know it."

Evans had just returned from Baghdad. Upon her arrival to the city, she saw the
demonstrable chaos caused by the war, and by the abject failure to repair the
country in the aftermath. "It was 120 degrees, it was dusty, the air had a haze
that makes everything gray," said Evans. "The buildings you see on the road
are bombed out. In some, you can see the fire coming up. In some, you only see
the scaffolding of contorted metal. We got across our bridge and turned right
onto the street we know so well, the one we've stayed on, and every building
was either boarded up or bombed out, including the United Nations DP. It was
all bombed in, the windows were black from the fire."

"Immediately after we arrived," said Evans, "we hear that it is not only worse
than before the war. It is worse than during the war. People are upset, people
are angry. There were lots of stories about how the Americans are doing this
on purpose. A month after the '91 war, which was much worse than this one,
everything was back and working. Now, the people live in this chaos they can't
even imagine. People can't go outside. Women haven't left their homes. Lots
of people haven't come back from Syria or Kuwait or wherever they fled to
get away from the bombing, because life in Iraq is unlivable. There is 65%
unemployment, and even the doctors and nurses and teachers who are going
to work don't get paid, so there's no money.

Evans met a number of Americans in Iraq who are part of the 'rebuilding
process.' One such person was in the Compound, a guarded palace that
is now home to Bremer's office and staff along with a number of other groups.
The overall organization is called the Iraqi Assistance Center, or IAC. The
man Evans met was a professor of religion and political theory at a religious
college in America. He explained that his job was to collect intelligence for
Bremer."That professor I spoke to, the one doing intelligence for Bremer,
I told him that I had spoken to countless Iraqis and all of them felt this
chaos was happening on purpose," said Evans. "He basically said
this was true, that chaos was good, and out of chaos comes order.
So what the Iraqis were saying - that this madness was all on purpose -
this intelligence guy didn't discredit. He said, 'If you keep them hungry,
they'll do anything for us.'"

"I met the man who was hired to create a new civil government in Baghdad,
to bring Baghdad back to order," said Evans. "His name was Gerald Lawson.
I asked him what his background was that allowed him to get this job. He
said he was in the Atlanta Police for 30 years. I asked how this gave him
the ability to create a stable, civilgovernment. He said he was a manager.
I asked him what he knew about Iraqis. He knew nothing, and didn't
care to know anything. He didn't know their history, their government,
didn't speak a word of Arabic and didn't care to learn. This guy doesn't
work for the American government, doesn't work for the State Department,
and doesn't work for the CPA. He works for a corporation created by ex-
Generals. Their job is to create the new Iraqi government structure."

"We met the man whose job is to make sure the hospitals have what
they need," said Evans. "He is a veterinarian. We met a British guy who
showed up at the Compound gates one day and said he was a volunteer
who wanted to help. The next day he was named the head of rubbish
control in Baghdad, which is a huge problem there because there is
garbage all over the street. I asked him what he had been doing with
his time. He said he'd been hanging out at Odai's palace playing with the
lions and the cheetahs. I met the guy in charge of designing the airport,
where major jumbo jets are supposed to land. He had never designed
an airport before."

"Another man I spoke to associated with this process is named Don
Munson," said Evans. "His job is civilian affairs policy. He said to me, 'We
are replacing one dictatorship with another. ' He's there for two years,
and he works in the palace on the first floor."

"Remember," said Evans, "that the first thing America did was to fire
80,000 police officers. These guys weren't associated with the Hussein
That's like connecting a cop in LA to the Bush administration.
All the people I've talked to over there, the ambassadors and others,
said they warned Bremer not to do that. The cops knew who the
criminals were, and 80,000 cops are gone. So now there are these little
mafias that run neighborhoods. With no other work and no way to survive,
people are going to become criminals. The borders are wide open - we
didn't even get stopped when we came in - so everything is just flowing
into Iraq."

"A friend of mine's husband is an ambassador," said Evans. "I asked
him if this was normal operating procedure. He said that, basically, no
one will work on this Iraq project who has any respect for their work
or career, because it is so clearly a farce.
He said that later we will
go in after these guys have blown it, but right now with Bremer
there it is a farce. Even the press is over there are just shaking
their heads and asking, can anyone fail so badly? Can anybody make
so many mistakes? You can't imagine they can be so dumb."

"One Iraqi woman I spoke to," said Evans, "said she feels like Iraq is
a wounded animal, and everyone is coming in to take their piece of

The cover-up is one thing, the crime is another. The Bush administration,
mainly in the form of Rumsfeld's Office of Special Plans, disregarded any
and all intelligence which said Iraq was no threat. They supplanted
reliable data with a slew of lies and exaggerations that were fed daily
to the American people and Congress, and got their war. In the
aftermath, nothing is being done for the millions of Iraqi civilians who
suffer daily under their newfound 'liberty.'

American soldiers continue to die. Two more, men from the 101st
Airborne, were killed early Sunday when their convoy was attacked
with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire. "You have these
young American soldiers sitting in turrets," said Jodie Evans,
"just sitting ducks for the rage and frustration and vengeance that
is coming out."

This is a crime without peer in the annals of American history.
The cover-up currently underway must not be allowed to succeed.

So there you have it ... the grand Liberation of Iraq :::
and Today I finally understand why "they" HATE US.

Sorry that was quite afew more points than I intended to make
but they just PISS ME OFF!

Nite All ::: Granny, who is up tooooooooo late.

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