Granny Rant
Sunday, July 27, 2003
::: I Wonder::: Musing

::: Why is no one from Enron in jail?
::: Who else thinks the 9-11 Commission is a whitewash?
::: Did anyone enjoy watching George and Laura using African Elephants as sex toys?
::: Why would Major Drug Companies object to a Medicare Prescription Program?
::: 2/3 of the soldiers killed in Iraq since May were non-combat related, but are still dead!
::: When is the cable guy coming to install the BullShit Button on my TV?
::: From Iraq,"All we are here is potential people to be killed and sitting ducks."
::: Is God a Liar? Bush says he has a direct line to God and God sent him to
--- Africa to save them from AIDS.
::: Did Bush think YellowCake was for his birthday?
::: Has Bush seen the unemployed people in America standing in the free food lines?
::: Didn't Bush say the Child Tax Credit was supposed to be $1,000 instead of $400?
::: Did you know Rummy used to be on the board of a company who sold light
--- water reactors to N. Korea?
::: Did you know Bush and Family has interest in Koram Bank?
::: Don't you think a lot of scientists, politicians, athletes and such are getting dead lately?
::: Why does US use Cluster Bombs in civilian areas?
::: Why does US us Depleated Uranium shells?
::: Why does Rummy and the Neocons want to resume nuke testing?
::: Why does Rummy want to build more nukes?

This could prove to be an add-on type situation.


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