Granny Rant
Saturday, July 26, 2003

::: Granny Wimps Out Totally :::

Am planning to ranting on, but have been avoiding a couple of posts I want
to do .... very depressing. Cluster Bombing, Depleated Uranium Shells, and
The Federal Reserve. I am pretty much ready to go on the U. S War
Crimes ::: Cluster Bombing, Civilian Casualties and D/U
but am deep
in research on the Fed Reserve.

Guess I am not quite ready and hate to bring everyone down.
Besides, I want to surf over to the Virtual Tail Gate Party!!! VTGP

Have been having such a super day just surfing and emailing some of my
favorite "funnies" to friends.

Try: RedNeck Funnies

But, never fear, as soon as I can down another bottle of cough syrup
and get rid of this yuck disease John Ashcroft had beamed down on me,
Granny will be back on it!

Not only that ... I will be able to pester everyone to distraction in August ...
another week's vacation coming up!

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