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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Below ::: Email sent to Senator Frist and Alexander today :::

Pretty cramped, but they only allow appx 1000 words ... I guess that is so ALL the
daming evidence will not fit in one email. I suppose that would be a stomach churning read.

To: Bill Frist and Lamar Alexander

Senator ...

Republicans - not a great track record:
1)Thousands of Florida voters - disenfranchised from lists provided by the same idiots who hired felons for TSA.
2)Within 3 days of inaugural, Bush wipes away regs against price gouging and profiteering put in place by Clinton - Calif power crisis, you think?
3)Prior to 9-11, Bush ignored a storm of fairly specific warnings of imminent attack on lower Manhattan. Decided to chop wood instead.
4)Nashville 8-26-3: Cheney said Iraq seeking materials for its nuclear program.
5)11-26-3, Rice said aluminum tubes only suitable for uranium enrichment centrifuges.DOE scientists said NO.
6)Used yellow cake forgery docs from Niger to scare us further.
7)Powell takes one look at evidence presented by Libby and Rumsfeld boys, tossed material in air saying, "I'm not reading this. This is bullshit."
8)Powell misled into using dossier plagerized from grad student from 1991.

Americans were shocked when no weapons were found, and want an independent investigation despite Pat Roberts and FBI brush off.

Looking for integrity in government!

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