Granny Rant
Sunday, July 13, 2003
And ::: Another Thing :::

Since Granny is a Pharmacy Tech, she has an opportunity to gain a special understanding
of how far the pharmaceutical companies will go to screw America.

Recently, we were offered Ciprofloxin as a branded generic ... made by Bayer and bottled
by Barr. And the price ... $30 less than the brand!

I consider that a shameful way to take advantage of Americans, but the DrugSpike is
jammed so deep in our feeble brains, most of us are thrilled the generic is out. It will
probably mean the insurance companies will charge the "generic copay" (we hope),
but they are right up there with the insurance companies on the slickness scale, so
Granny would not count on it.

We'd better all get our ducks taped
And jump under a shower curtain!

P.S. One generic wholesales called me this past week and said the price for the branded
generic would soon be dropping by another $30. That is another small ray of hope. I guess
the two companies involved have now sold enough to pay for all the litigation.


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