Granny Rant
Thursday, June 19, 2003
Tin Foil Hats On Please

No story now folks. Gotta keep an eagle eye on gov trying to impose regs on the Internet. Even when it seems they may be trying to help us ... Stupid American Sheep.

Even if it is only to help us rid our overloaded computers of SPAM.

We can never let them get a toehold or keypad key or ... whatever.

Control over the Internet is one of the key elements listed in the PNAC requirements for Pax Americana and is a crucial part of the Cheney/Bush/Wolfowitz Doctrine. Neocons are doing the Pee Pee Dance over a chance at any kind of regulations they can impose on the Internet.

It is truly all we have left ...OR ... we go back to meeting secretly in the woods in the dead of night.


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