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Monday, June 30, 2003
::: I Opine :::

So, we are thinking about asking a few questions re WMD in Iraq :::: And why Bush stood
in the pulpit, preaching the grave danger Mohamed Satan ... Saddam posed
to America and Iraq's neighbors. And why we were told Saddam was storing great vats
of Bio and Chem Weapons .... knowing most of these weapons retain potency for a short
time. And why we were told Saddam was responsible for 9-11 .... a bold, blatant lie. And
why we were told Al Qaeda was in Iraq, supported by Saddam, planning more WTC-type

And why we are NOW being told Iraq was a Liberation. (Don't forget the original
slogan for the war was Operation Iraqi Liberation ::: but was discarded when the
administration realized it spelled OIL )

Dubya ::: All you had to say was ::: Saddam is a cruel sadistic tyrant and the Iraqi people
are suffering miserably ::: and you could have had my vote.

Personally, I still want to know what happened on September 11

Many people whine and cry ::: give it a rest. My reply, We Will Never Forget

Here are two interesting links: one from testimony at the "newest" 911 Commission.

Mindy Kleinberg Victim Statement

The next poses a FEW Burning Questions Re 9-11

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