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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
I have been "studying" now for ... well ... I guess it took me about 6 months to get UN-Numb and UN-Emotional after 9-11. Even here in this fairly sleepy little berg of Morristown, I really felt like someone had smacked me with a 2 X 4. Then I got curious and started reading and reading and reading and taking a break <G> and reading and reading .... I know you get the pic.  I remember I told you, I felt so alone cause all my friends,  husband and family were sick to death of me talking about what was happening in this country, about how shocked I was no one was talking about it or seemed to be aware of the magnitude of sleaze governance.  Our future loomed grave and bleak if all (or even some) of the articles and wildly crazy conspiracy theories I was reading contained a kernel of truth.

And the most horrible part is after all the reading and studying and asking people how a citizen can really find out the truth about what is happening and who are these idiots in Washington ... just as you said ... nobody seems to care!

That fact alone galvanized me.  I was genuinely terrified... about DSEA and the Nazis in Justice and the Defense Policy Board and how many of our freedoms were ticking off into oblivion. Because of 911 ... because we were frightened, confused, deeply wounded deeply and in a state of shock, this insidious virus was spreading at  extraordinary speed. And nobody seemed to care or be worried or notice.

I don't know who perpetrated 911, and I think there are very few who do. I am not saying I have any evidence to support the claim the Bushies (CIA and FBI and NSA) planned it to throw us into a state of fear in which we would be willing to accept almost any erosion of our freedoms for security.  I do believe from all my reading Bush and Comp (and Clinton Admin) had specific warning of this attack ... called Project Bojinka and did nothing, asked the FBI and CIA to back off investigating Bin Laden,  (Will you ever forget the "peed in my pants look on Dubya's face when news was whispered in his ear and according to reports of days events as stated in 911 Commission by one of the victims families, there is no reason he should not have know of hijacked planes at the time  Exposed: The Hypocrisy Of The 9/11 Commission  ). 

More 911 links:

WTC United Family Group

Official version of collapse:  I remember that morning driving to work and hearing Peter Jennings say (TV station on car radio) he had a report of a truck bomb exploded at the Pentagon.  I saw the towers drop straight down and the official explanations just do not cut it.... Especially in light of the fact that the company who got the contract (immediately) to clean up was none other than Controlled Demolition who also had the contract to clean up Okla. City Bombing.  Something smells!

Official version here:

Collapse of the World Trade Center

Another view:

Eyewitness Reports Persist Of Bombs At WTC Collapse

The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism

Stuff from

Some radical ones: 

The Enemy Is Very Much Within

WTC: additional detonation

(CRG) - Bush Knew

I do know from reading about the "agenda" of the NWO folks (the Elite, Illuminati, Eastern Establishment -- the folks from the think tanks [Rand, Heritage Inst, Brookings, etc], CFR, TC, Bilderberg, European Round Tables [RIIA, I think they are called], PNAC and many more -- their agenda is Globalization - one world gov, one world bank, one world army. 

To achieve this end, several things must happen. They must gain enough power to control the strongest military in the world, they must establish permanent bases all around the world to "keep the peace" after takeover, they must control the law making bodies of the most powerful countries on earth, they must have control of space, they must gain control of the Internet (so we'd better be paying attention), they must control the media. And one of the most important aspects and the most difficult for them is the destruction of the sovereignty of all nation states. 

Quotes from Famous Folks on NWO:

New World Order Quotes - Illuminati Plans in their own words - NWO Quotes from

Recently I ran across a tape from Jan 1991 labeled "Gulf War."  I had made a series of tapes at that time by just inserting a tape and leaving for work.  Later I gave those tapes to a friend ... her son in law was just back from the Gulf with an injury and he wanted to see the tapes. I said he could keep them, thinking I would not be interested in viewing them again.  But here was one tape I apparently missed. I watched it and laughed at the fashions and the "big hair" and all the much younger folks ... Rather, Cheney, Powell, etc. On that tape was President Bush's speech on the first night of the war... and my point is, to my surprise, he mentioned New World Order at least three times in that speech.  Interesting.

After being a nervous wreck and spilling my acid gut onto your blog, I did begin to notice people making comments about the very worries I had. Even though the media (free press) is basically gone and most of all the news is scripted and spoon fed to us, I learned I could find other views on great blogs (like yours) and by checking what the foreign press had to say.  I take all news, mainstream, foreign press, Internet, conspiracy theory, etc with a huge grain of salt ... but I still try to read as much as I can.

And after a mere, what maybe 18 months of reading like a demon, I am not sure anyone can keep up with all the sleaze going on. I am still very afraid for our country and it is not just because of the current administration ... it is because of the very Elite we protested against (or me anyway -- old Grannie) in the sixties.  We called it by many names. Big business, The Establishment, etc. and I now realize I had no clue whatsoever what I was talking about.

I promise to SHUT UP soon!!

(CRG) - 911 New Revelations  (CRG) - Bush Knew

Things that freak me to the max:

*** The Federal Reserve is not owned by the government and they are the people who print our money!! Why did I not know this? It is talked about just as though it is an official dept or arm of our government.

*** That means Alan Greenspan, the Fed Chairman, works for a private consortium of international bankers, i.e., Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds. It is chilling.

*** All the President's men (or at least almost every one of them) are members of the Elite orgs who are working like demons for New World Order and say so right out front in CFR publications such as "Foreign Affairs" mag, the CFR rag and expound their philosophies in fairly public forums such as PNAC.

Over the past years -- I guess since Pres. Wilson (back then it was mostly the international bankers), the number of members of government - senate, congress and cabinet as well as advisors who are affiliated with the main orgs of NWO has steadily grown to an incredible percentage... memberships in CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberg, and many of the so called secret orgs.

How on earth can we be so stupid to not notice all the LIES told daily: (some items may have changed... they usually pony up when caught:

*** Bush promising $40 billion to NY after 911 - last time I looked..... zip!

*** Bush pledging $15 Billion to Africa for Aids, but taking it from the Malaria budget.

*** Bush and Cheney asking Daschle and others to not push for investigation of 911 because it would take money away from the War On Terror

Too mush more to list.

Ok really going to hush after this...

THis is very long, detailed and lots of it concerns physics waaaayyy over my head, but it is worth a look.

Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics

This is the most amazing information I have found, very complex, but it seems legit.  If.... if just the smallest bit of it is true, we are in a true delimma. Please let me know if you find any evidence of this being some giant hoax.

On the one hand, there is the question of the morality of this being kept secret in view of how much the technology could help the world. On the other, after reading it all, plus lots more about it, I realize it would mean great upheaval for our economy, maybe destroy it  And if the powers that be keep it to themselves and allow the technology to progress, THEY will own it and it will still cost us a fortune somehow. It will only be used for their advantage and enrichment.

I am usually all for knowledge being released to everyone, but just think, if it is true and these weapons do exist and suddenly everyone knows ... there will be no reason for everyone involved in this technology not to go ahead and use it in an all out scalar war. Twice recently on CSpan, I have heard guarded reference electromagnetic weapons. Many of the links I tried including on about the E-Bomb were unavailable.

Patent app. for Zero-Point:

Tom Bearden Site - Scalar Em Stuff

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