Granny Rant
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Hello, hello and hello!

This is such an exciting day for me to actually have my own Blog. And I owe it all to a super guy, South Knox Bubba. He set it all up for me and now I am off into blogging heaven.

Too Much? Anyone throw up yet?

Really, a huge thanks to my buddy in Knoxville!

I'm not going to try to think of anything exciting to post just yet. I am pretty sure that first one will draw quite enough fire.

I will say this much ... I was thinking how smart Bush was to get on with his Road Map in time for 2004 election, but the news is not looking good for Dubya on the Map score.

I honestly do not think either side on that conflict has any interest in peace. It just looks like they each want to destroy the other.

Gonna stop for now and just revel in the fact I have a blog.

Granny :) :)

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