Granny Rant
Monday, June 30, 2003
::: I Opine :::

So, we are thinking about asking a few questions re WMD in Iraq :::: And why Bush stood
in the pulpit, preaching the grave danger Mohamed Satan ... Saddam posed
to America and Iraq's neighbors. And why we were told Saddam was storing great vats
of Bio and Chem Weapons .... knowing most of these weapons retain potency for a short
time. And why we were told Saddam was responsible for 9-11 .... a bold, blatant lie. And
why we were told Al Qaeda was in Iraq, supported by Saddam, planning more WTC-type

And why we are NOW being told Iraq was a Liberation. (Don't forget the original
slogan for the war was Operation Iraqi Liberation ::: but was discarded when the
administration realized it spelled OIL )

Dubya ::: All you had to say was ::: Saddam is a cruel sadistic tyrant and the Iraqi people
are suffering miserably ::: and you could have had my vote.

Personally, I still want to know what happened on September 11

Many people whine and cry ::: give it a rest. My reply, We Will Never Forget

Here are two interesting links: one from testimony at the "newest" 911 Commission.

Mindy Kleinberg Victim Statement

The next poses a FEW Burning Questions Re 9-11

More on the CIA ::: James Woolsey Makes $$$ on War On Terror
or ::: How Spooks Scare / Screw Americans

Bush Ally Set to Profit From the War on Terror
Antony Barnett and Solomon Hughes
The Observer

Sunday 11 May 2003

James Woolsey, former CIA boss and influential adviser to President George Bush, is a director of a US firm aiming to make millions of dollars from the 'war on terror', The Observer can reveal.

Woolsey, one of the most high-profile hawks in the war against Iraq and a key member of the Pentagon's Defence Policy Board, is a director of the Washington-based private equity firm Paladin Capital. The company was set up three months after the terrorist attacks on New York and sees the events and aftermath of September 11 as a business opportunity which 'offer[s] substantial promise for homeland security investment'.

The first priority of Paladin was 'to invest in companies with immediate solutions designed to prevent harmful attacks, defend against attacks, cope with the aftermath of attack or disaster and recover from terrorist attacks and other threats to homeland security'.

Paladin, which is expected to have raised $300 million from investors by the end of this year, calculates that in the next few years the US government will spend $60 billion on anti-terrorism that woul not have been spent before September 11, and that corporations will spend twice that amount to ensure their security and continuity in case of attack.

The involvement of one of the most prominent hawks in Washington with a company standing to cash in on the fear of potential terror attacks will raise eyebrows in some quarters.

In 2001 US Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz sent Woolsey to Europe, where he argued the case for links existing between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda. He was one of the main proponents of the theory that the anthrax letter attacks in America were supported by Iraq's former dictator.

More recently Woolsey told CNN about Saddam's attempts to produce a genetically modified strain of anthrax. He told the US broadcaster: 'I would be more worried over the mid to long term about biological weapons, because the chemical gear, we're - I think we're pretty well equipped to deal with. But there have been stories that Saddam has been working on genetically modifying some of these biological agents, making anthrax resistant to vaccines or antibiotics.'

Little evidence was provided for the Iraq link to the anthrax attacks and the FBI is now investigating a lone US scientist whom it believes was responsible. But Woolsey's assertions added to a political atmosphere in which spending on equipment designed to protect individuals and firms from terror was predicted to mushroom.

One of Paladin's first investments was $10.5m in AgION Technologies, a firm devising anti-germ technology that it hopes will 'be the leader in the fight against bacterial attacks initiated by terrorists on unsuspecting civilian and military personnel'.

Woolsey is not alone among the members of the Pentagon's highly influential Defence Policy Board to profit from America's war on terror.

The American watchdog, the Centre for Public Integrity, showed that nine of the board's members have ties to defence contractors that won more than $76bn in defence contracts in 2001 and 2002. Woolsey's fellow neo-conservative, Richard Perle, had to resign his chairmanship of the board because of conflicts of interest, although he remains a board member.

The hawks and their money

DICK CHENEY, Vice President

Cheney once ran oil industry giant Halliburton whose subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root, has won lucrative contracts in post-Saddam Iraq. The Defence Department gave KBR exclusive rights to a $90m contract to cater for the Americans who are working on rebuilding Iraq. KBR also won a lucrative contract to repair Iraq's oilfields.

DONALD RUMSFELD, Defence Secretary

Rumsfeld was a non-executive director of European engineering giant ABB when it won a £125m contract for two light water reactors to North Korea - a country he now regards as part of the 'axis of evil'. Rumsfeld earnt $190,000 (£118,000) a year before he joined the Bush administration.


An influential member of the Pentagon's Defence Policy Board, Perle is managing partner of venture capital company Trireme, which invests in companies dealing in products of value to homeland security. It sent a letter to Saudi arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi arguing that fear of terrorism would boost demand in Europe, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

GEORGE SHULTZ, ex-Secretary of State

Shultz is on the board of directors of the Bechtel Group, the largest contractor in the US and one of the favourites to land lucrative contracts in the rebuilding of Iraq. Shultz is chairman of the the advisory board of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a fiercely pro-war group with close ties to the White House.

(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.)

William Pitt digs the dirt on CIA from former agent ::: Service From Kennedy to Bush. Sr.
And ::: thoughts on Bush II

Excerpts ::: Read all at 27 Year CIA Vet

PITT: With all of your background, and with all the time that you spent in the CIA, can you tell me why you are speaking out now about the foreign policy issues that are facing this country?

McG: It’s actually very simple. There’s an inscription at the entrance to the CIA, chiseled into the marble there, which reads, “You Shall Know The Truth, And The Truth Shall Set You Free.” Not many folks realize that the primary function of the Central Intelligence Agency is to seek the truth regarding what is going on abroad and be able to report that truth without fear or favor. In other words, the CIA at its best is the one place in Washington that a President can turn to for an unvarnished truthful answer to a delicate policy problem. We didn’t have to defend State Department policies, we didn’t have to make the Soviets seem ten feet tall, as the Defense Department was inclined to do. We could tell it like it was, and it was very, very heady. We could tell it like it was and have career protection for doing that. In other words, that’s what our job was.

When you come out of that ethic, when you come out of a situation where you realize the political pressures to do it otherwise – you’ve seen it, you’ve been there, you’ve done that – and your senior colleagues face up to those pressures as have you yourself, and then you watch what is going on today, it is disturbing in the extreme. You ask yourself, “Do I not have some kind of duty, by virtue of my experience and my knowledge of these things, do I not have some kind of duty to speak out here and tell the rest of the American people what’s going on?”

PITT: Do you feel as though the ‘truth-telling’ abilities of the CIA, the ability to come in with data without fear of reprisal or career displacement, has been abrogated by this administration?

McG: It has been corroded, or eroded, very much. A lot of it has to do with who is Director. In the best days, under Colby for example, or John McCone, we had very clear instructions. I myself, junior as I was in those days, would go up against Henry Kissinger and tell it like we thought it was. I was not winning any friends there, by any stretch, but I came back proud for having done my job. That was because Colby told me to do that, and I worked directly for him. I also worked directly for George Bush I, and he, I have to say to his great credit, acted the same way. He was very careful to keep himself out of policy advocacy, and he told it like it was.

Smoking Guns ::: September 11 to Iraq

PITT: On September 26 2001, George Bush II went down to the CIA, put an arm around Tenet, and said that he had a “report” for the American people, that we have the best possible intelligence thanks to the good people at the CIA. We’ve come a fair piece down the road since then, and if you read through the news these days, you get the definite sense that the Bush administration is attempting to lay blame for the fact that no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, to lay blame for that at the feet of the CIA. Furthermore, by all appearances, the months of reports the administration put out about Iraq’s weapons capabilities are not turning out to be accurate. To no small extent, it appears that there is a scapegoating process taking place here. What is your take on this?

McG: It is interesting that you would go back to September 26, because that was a very key performance on the part of our President. Here was an agency that was created expressly to prevent another Pearl Harbor. That was why the CIA was created originally in 1947. Harry Truman was hell-bent on making sure that, if there were little pieces of information spread around the government, that they all came to one central intelligence agency, one place where they could be collated and analyzed, and the analysis be given to policy people.

So here is September 11, the first time since Pearl Harbor that this system failed. It was worse than Pearl Harbor. More people were killed on September 11 than were killed at Pearl Harbor, and where were the pieces? They were scattered all around the government, just like they were before Pearl Harbor. For George Bush to go out to CIA headquarters and put his arm around George Tenet and tell the world that we have the best intelligence services in the world, this really called for some analysis, if you will.

My analysis is that George Bush had no option but to keep George Tenet on as Director, because George Tenet had warned Bush repeatedly, for months and months before September 11, that something very bad was about to happen.

PITT: There was the August 6 2001 briefing…

McG: On August 6, the title of the briefing was, “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US,” and that briefing had the word “Hijacking” in it. That’s all I know about it, but that’s quite enough. In September, Bush had to make a decision. Is it feasible to let go of Tenet, whose agency flubbed the dub on this one? And the answer was no, because Tenet knows too much about what Bush knew, and Bush didn’t know what to do about it. That’s the bottom line for me.

After Hearing America Was About To Be Attacked ::: Bush Decided To Chop Wood
::: Kinda Reminds You Of Reading A Goat Story, Huh?

Bush was well-briefed. Before he went off to Texas to chop wood for a month like Reagan did in California, he was told all these things. He didn’t even have the presence of mind to convene his National Security Council, and say, “OK guys, we have all these reports, what are we going to do about it?” He just went off to chop wood.

PITT: Now why is that? There are people in America who believe this kind of behavior was deliberate – the administration was repeatedly warned and nothing was done about those warnings. It smacks of deliberate policy for a lot of people. This is the current World Heavyweight Champion of conspiracy theories

Thursday, June 26, 2003
WMD Found in Iraq

After digging up various pieces, parts and papers of Saddam's nuclear program from beneath a rose bush in the back yard of one of Iraq's weapon's scientists, it seems the credibility veil might at last be lifted from the White House. The Bush Administration is not going so far as to claim the find is a smoking gun, but late last night reporters spotted Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Cheney holding hands and skipping in a circle, singing "Ring Around The Rose Bush."

As an incidental, inspectors dug up a dead dog, but realized they would not be able to interrogate the canine. President Bush, however, asked John Ashcroft to detain the dog in GB, Cuba.

Now the hunt is on. In a bold move, Rumsfeld has ordered every Bush in Iraq dug up, and has authorized the inspectors to follow the search to wherever a bush is found, even if it takes them into Syria and Iran. One inspector phoned the Pentagon to inquire as to whether they should come home and dig up Prescott Bush. The Pentagon had no comment on this particular aspect of the case.

Jesus People, these men are running our country!
Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Granny Holding Forth ::: on Freedom

Got a bit fired up while reading article Neocons on the Line

It was the "democracy imposed by force" statment that got to me ...

"Hovering over all this is a more philosophical question: can democracy really be imposed by force, or even outside pressure? And is it such a panacea?"

Democracy is one thing, and I suppose everyone's democracy is different. But freedom, now that is another animal altogether. It will probably sound completely obvious (I hope) but I was sure most everyone knew you could not just suddenly bestow freedom on a people whose lives have been thus far controlled by tyrants and dictators.

Tyrants and dictators create a society of slaves who rely on the government for their very existence, and their people become accustomed to at least the expectancy of minimal care being provided by the friendly tyrant.

Talk about Shock and Awe, freedom is the most profound weapon of mass destruction imaginable. To inflict freedom on a people with no thought to providing care, basic necessities and guidance in the aftermath is unconscionable. Freedom requires its people to take responsibility. It requires its people to make decisions about what path they will follow. It requires them to make a plan to provide for themselves and their families.

Freedom does not mean anarchy, and that is what you get when people are suddenly freed from the yoke of totalitarianism. What you do get is insecurity, confusion and a total lack of understanding or direction. What we did in Iraq was the most cruel act I have witnessed in many years.

A liberation ... no! To remove a controlling power from even as educated a population as the Iraqis ... and just expect they will know instinctively how to creat a new, better and free society is preposterous.

We cheated the Iraqi people by not having the intelligence to realize the enormous stone we dropped on their heads. We should now have the integrity to get serious about our responsibility as liberators/conquerers and guide them forward to create the society of their democratic choice.

Freedom means choice! Decision making is frightening! Wake up America ... we cannot hope to spread this wonderful idea of democracy and freedom in such a thoughtless, arrogant fashion.

Holding Forth is Done :::

Sunday, June 22, 2003
Hop in the Clown Car and ::: Riddle Me This

While the Internet is abuzz with stories on US WMD or the lack thereof :::
On CNN this evening Ken Pollack (CNN Advisor and CFR Guy) is finally getting
around to mentioning chemical and biological weapons probably cannot be
stockpiled in huge vats anyway ... well ... cause they quickly lose their

Right now (earlier this evening) on Fox, Rita Cosby and Evan Kohlmann,
Terror Analyst, are babbling warnings of new terror attacks by the
really scary Al Qaeda Guys ... and guess what ... on July 4th. How
totally inconsiderate of the terrorists to spoil our picnics.

Gosh, I'm so scared I probalby will not notice our government is full
of snakes and scorpions (with NWO tattooed inside their bottom lip
... which should read Neo-Idiot if they have room) bent on producing
enough instability in the world to foster the Son of Patriot, rid us of
the Constitution and destroy our children's economic future.

Do they think we:
(a) don't have computers,
(b) are shopping at the mall,
(c) do not give a fat rats ass,
(d) are terminally stupid,
(e) all of the above?

Here are a few interesting links on what Not-Talking-Heads are saying :::

Wow ::: just in checking TruthOut, there has been so much New Stuff posted and
I am behind on my reading.

You must see how America is coming to life at TruthOut

The info below is from Seymour Hersch article "Selective Intelligence" , The New Yorker
It is terrific as usual and I had several others planned as tie-ins, but there are really
some wildly hysterical accusations flying now. If it is this vitrolic now, it should get
even more murderous toward election time.

~~~~~~~~~~~ From Hersch ~~~~~~~~
Rumsfeld and his Office of Special Plans, created by Paul Wolfowitz, used data
gathered by other intel sources and relied heavily on Ahmad Chalabi and
Iraqi National Congress (I.N.C.) to find the evidence he wanted to shape the
public opinion and American policy toward Iraq.

By last fall, the operation rivaled the CIA and DIA as President Bush's main
source of intelligence regarding Iraq's possible possession of WMD.

Hersch goes on to nail the DC turkeys (Hey ... maybe we could use Turkey
Tape instead of Duck Tape) on their use of "defectors with compelling stories."
One source , Adnan Ihsan Saeed al-Haideri (civil engineer who fled Iraq
in 2001 with I.N.C.'s help) was apparently used as evedence for part of Colin
Powell's testimony at the U.N. re hidden facilities built for the production
of biological and chemical weapons beneath a Baghdad hospital. To date,
no such weapon's have been found.

Make sure not to miss White House In Denial
by Nicholas D. Kristof, NY Times, with a superior article from Wayne Madsen of Counterpunch, WeaponsGate.
Both come up in the above link.

Kristof begins with the following :::

Condoleezza Rice was asked on "Meet the Press" on Sunday about a column of mine from May 6 regarding President Bush's reliance on forged documents to claim that Iraq had sought uranium in Africa. That was not just a case of hyping intelligence, but of asserting something that had already been flatly discredited by an envoy investigating at the behest of the office of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Ms. Rice acknowledged that the president's information turned out to be "not credible," but insisted that the White House hadn't realized this until after Mr. Bush had cited it in his State of the Union address

Yellow Cake and WeaponsGate

He continues with the "yellow cake" uranium saga, CIA and State
Depts admission the documents were bogus. And Melvin Goodman,
fmr CIA analyst now at the Center for Internatiional Policy states,
"It was well known throughout the intelligence community that it was a forgery."

You wouldn't know if from listening to the leading Democratic candidates for President, but "Weaponsgate" may ultimately bring about the downfall of the Bush regime and its allies in London, Canberra, and elsewhere. The neo-conservatives may have also finally stirred something in the Fourth Estate, which has suddenly begun challenging the lying echo chambers in the White House and Number 10 Downing Street

And More ::: ResignationsGate

Other effects of Weaponsgate are already apparent. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the majordomo of the neo-cons within the Pentagon, cannot find anyone to take the place of outgoing Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki. Generals Tommy Franks and Shinseki's vice chief, General John "Jack" Keane, want no part of the job. After winning a lightning war against Iraq, Franks suddenly announced his retirement. He and Keane witnessed how Rumsfeld and his coterie of advisers and consultants, who never once lifted a weapon in the defense of their country, constantly ignored and publicly abused Shinseki. Army Secretary and retired General Tom White resigned after a number of clashes with Rumsfeld and his cabal. The Commander of the First Marine Expeditionary Force in Iraq, Lt. Gen. James Conway, said he was surprised that he encountered no chemical weapons in Iraq.

Bush's Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, who has had his own problem with recognizing the truth, was obviously concerned how the history books will treat him. He decided to leave his post mid-term rather than face the music over his repeated distortions about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction as a casus belli. Other Bush administration officials, political and career, have also jumped off what appears to be a rapidly sinking ship of state. They include Richard Haass, who as the director for policy planning, was number three at the State Department; Christine Todd Whitman, Environmental Protection Agency administrator; Rand Beers, the senior National Security Council director for counter-terrorism; Charlotte Beers, the State Department chief for International Public Diplomacy (who was said to have resigned for -- get this bit of Soviet-style spin -- "health reasons"), and State Department career Foreign Service officers John H. Brown, John Brady Kiesling, and Mary A. Wright.
Then there was the sudden firing of retired General Jay Garner as U.S. viceroy of Iraq. He was "outed" as having past associations with the neo-cons, especially the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). But when Garner started to show some independence in Baghdad, especially with regard to handing over some power to Iraqis, he was quickly sacked and replaced by Paul Bremer, a former Heritage Foundation flunky and Kissinger Associates director who was obviously more in tune with the ideological bent of the neo-cons. In a Pentagon where the civilian neo-cons don't trust the uniformed flag rank officers, Garner likely became a threat, a potential Trojan horse who had to be replaced by someone whose loyalty was beyond question.

The most dramatic revolt against George W. Bush and Tony Blair can be seen from the high-level leaks of classified information from the top levels of American and British intelligence. Just consider that the United States has never experienced such repeated leaks of classified information since the years of the spies in the 1980s, a time when a number of intelligence employees were caught selling U.S. secrets to the Russians and Israelis. Yet, the current leaks are not acts of treason, but acts of unbridled patriotism.

The leaks from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), CIA, State Department, and other agencies are testimony to the deep divisions within the Bush administration over the phony war on Iraq. Intelligence agencies that are often at odds with one another over policy have united like never before in blowing the whistle on the neo-con agenda. The Bush administration lied flat out over the Iraqi WMDs and Iraq's links to Al Qaeda. It's just that simple. Career intelligence officers, who know the penalties for the unauthorized disclosure of classified information, are showing more courage than most of the Democrats in Congress who seem more fearful of the neo-cons and their supporters than in exposing "Weaponsgate."

The most recent classified disclosure was a DIA report on chemical weapons that concluded that there "was no reliable information on whether Iraq is producing or stockpiling chemical weapons or whether Iraq has or will establish its chemical agent production facilities."

On June 8, the Bush administration paraded its usual shills, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, before the Sunday talking head shows. Rice and Powell said they based their claims that Iraq had WMDs on an October 1, 2002 national intelligence "white paper." But that paper stated that Iraq had a capability to produce chemical weapons within its chemical industry, not that it was producing such weapons. Hans Blix recently said the so-called intelligence passed to him by the Bush regime was useless for his own UN weapons inspection team in its search for WMDs in Iraq. It now appears that all the so-called U.S. and British "intelligence" was nothing more than a collection of neo-con propaganda and disinformation. In the face of incessantly probing questions on CBS's "Face the Nation," Rice, in her school marm-like best, could only keep repeating that "there are still bad people in Iraq." Bad people? Is this the best terminology we can get from a PhD in International Studies? Or is that the phraseology she uses in explaining foreign policy matters to Bush? The latter explanation seems more likely.

Last March, a classified State Department report, prepared by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research and titled "Iraq, the Middle East and Change: No Dominoes," countered neo-con claims that a democracy in Iraq would foster democracy throughout the Middle East. The report, dated February 26, 2003, concluded that democracy would be difficult to achieve in Iraq, electoral democracy in Iraq would be exploited by anti-American elements, and that the idea that other Middle East nations would be transformed into democracies is not credible. So far, all those predictions have come true. Iraq is currently an American protectorate lacking even fundamental human services, anti-American Shi'as in the south are increasingly venting their anger at U.S. occupiers, and far from extending democracy throughout the Middle East, Mauritania's Arab pro-American government barely survived a military coup attempt by Islamist and pro-Iraqi elements in the counry's armed forces. So much for the Middle East "domino theory" concocted by Richard Perle and his American Enterprise Institute clones and parroted by Bush in a speech before the right-wing "think tank" the same day the State Department prepared its opposite report.

In another slap at the neo-cons, who have supported the Iraqi National Congress of Ahmad Chalabi, the CIA leaked a classified report about their favorite Iraqi. The report, which surfaced in April 2003, concluded that Chalabi had little popular support among the Iraqi people. No wonder then that it is Chalabi who appears to be the source for all the bogus intelligence about Iraqi WMDs, Saddam Hussein's links to Al Qaeda, Iraqi purchases of uranium from Niger, and other false flag intelligence. Chalabi, who is as big a liar as his neo-con friends, hoped to lull American intelligence into believing him over seasoned Middle East intelligence hands. No one but Rumsfeld; former CIA Director James Woolsey (who has taken hundreds of thousands of consulting dollars from Chalabi over the years); Wolfowitz; Doug Feith; America's new monitor for the Middle East peace road map, John Wolf; and their comrades were taken in by Chalabi, a wanted scofflaw from justice in Jordan.

One day the names Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Woolsey, and Chalabi will become as familiar to students of "Weaponsgate" as the names Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Liddy, Mitchell, and Stans are familiar to those who study Watergate. And in a very interesting nexus between the two scandals, Richard Nixon's former counselor John W. Dean has written that Bush's lying about the reasons for the United States to go to war is an impeachable offense.

For those who are looking for the straw that broke the camel's back in "Weaponsgate" they need not look any farther than Number 10 Downing Street. The troubles that Tony Blair are now experiencing may be a harbinger for things to come in Washington. Blair is in deep trouble and he knows it. After returning from the G-8 summit in Evian, France, Blair was reported by The Obsever to be running around Number 10 in a pathetic panic. In a moment of temporary insanity, which must have been precious to people who loathe Blair, the toothy Prime Minister was pacing about his residence and yelling that people needed to get a grip on what was happening. One of Blair's aides had to comfort Blair and convince him that his advisers were on his side. Blair must have had thoughts of John Major getting ready stick it to Margaret Thatcher or of Brutus getting ready to plunge a knife into the back of Julius Caesar. Blair's political opponents within his own Labor party had seized on his government's use of a "dodgy dossier" on Iraqi WMDs to support the attack on Iraq as an example of Blair's deceit. The dossier, titled "Iraq: Its Infrastructure of Concealment, Deception and Intimidation," was based on a 12-year-old PhD thesis culled from the Internet and the bogus Chalabi documents about Nigerien uranium.

The revolt against Blair should serve as a warning for Bush. Just consider what is happening in Britain. Blair has been abandoned by some of his most senior government officials, including former Leader of the House of Commons Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and former International Development Minister Clare Short, in addition to a number of lesser Cabinet officials. Over 70 of Blair's Labor members of the House of Commons are in open revolt against his duplicity. No wonder Godric Smith, Blair's official spokesman, announced his resignation the same day that Ari Fleischer was announcing his departure in Washington. The wheels are coming off the transatlantic neo-con wagon. New Labor and the "Compassionate Conservative" Republican Party have been shown to be total ruses. Their war policies and global domination goals have been thoroughly exposed as neo-fascist manifestations of the teachings of neo-con philosopher Leo Strauss.

But Blair faces an even more serious revolt from his intelligence officials. Blair's use of bogus intelligence to claim that Britain had only a 45-minute warning prior to an Iraqi chem-bio attack reportedly resulted in the threatened resignations of the heads of MI-6 and MI-5, Sir Richard Dearlove and Eliza Manningham-Buller, respectively, And there was the leak of a January 31, 2003 Top Secret memo from the National Security Agency to its Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) counterpart, which asked for British help in electronically snooping on members and non-members of the UN Security Council to determine their stance on America's anti-Iraq UN resolution. That memo was reportedly leaked with a wink and an nod from the highest levels of British intelligence.

The public row in Britain has forced Alastair Campbell, Blair's own Karl Rove-like spinmeister, to apologize to the British Security Services for combining their intelligence material with the bogus material it used in developing the Iraqi WMDs dossier. However, some of Blair's advisers seem willing to go down with their Prime Minister faster than the deck hands on the Titanic. Blair's new House of Commons leader John Reid, a former member of the British Communist Party, ranted that "rogue elements" within the intelligence services were leaking classified information to bring down the government. Reid also stated that for all anyone knew, the leaks were coming from some "man in a pub." Such are the cynical words from a government on the brink of collapse.

Blair is not the only "Coalition of the Willing" partner beginning to get nervous. Australian Prime Minister John Howard is distancing himself from the forged and phony intelligence on Iraqi WMDs, claiming his intelligence services took at face value what was presented by the Americans and British. Denmark, which has very little tolerance for lying Prime Ministers, is opening up an parliamentary investigation of why Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen lied about the Iraqi WMDs. Bush's allies in Spain and Italy face similar inquiries. Blair, who appears to be heading for an ignoble British-style heave-ho, is sticking to the lie but with an interesting caveat. At a June 10 news conference, Blair restated the canard, "There is not a shred of evidence that we have doctored or manipulated intelligence." But then he added, "that would be absolutely gross if we did so." Blair may be entering the typical "let's look for a scapegoat" phase. He won't be successful. The intelligence services won't let him get away with it. He and his supporters will have to pay the price for lying to the British people. Barring a miracle, Blair's days in office appear to be numbered.

And what of Bush saying the United States will help its friends and punish its foes? Well, it seems that Mr. Bush cannot be trusted to take care of his friends. Iceland was one of the country's that signed up to Bush's so-called "coalition." How has Bush repaid the North Atlantic nation? By writing a letter to Iceland's Prime Minister stating that the United States will, after 46 years of providing for the NATO nation's defense, pull its military forces from the soon-to-be defenseless island state.

The Icelandic Prime Minister, like his colleagues in Denmark, Australia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, has found out the hard way of what price is paid for aligning with a dishonest and illegal regime. They will suffer the consequences. However, the leaders of France, Germany, Canada, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, South Africa, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, and the other countries who withstood constant berating from Washington and the American ambassadors accredited to them, can take heart in the fact that they were correct all along. They will reap the electoral benefits of their stance while they see their pro-American colleagues take the consequential and inevitable electoral fall.

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and columnist. He wrote the introduction to Forbidden Truth. He is the co-author, with John Stanton, of the forthcoming book, "America's Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II."

(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.)

Ok fellow space cadets, I am sure the Clown Car is overcrowded and your knees are cramped,
so I'll hush my puppie for now......


Thursday, June 19, 2003
Tin Foil Hats On Please

No story now folks. Gotta keep an eagle eye on gov trying to impose regs on the Internet. Even when it seems they may be trying to help us ... Stupid American Sheep.

Even if it is only to help us rid our overloaded computers of SPAM.

We can never let them get a toehold or keypad key or ... whatever.

Control over the Internet is one of the key elements listed in the PNAC requirements for Pax Americana and is a crucial part of the Cheney/Bush/Wolfowitz Doctrine. Neocons are doing the Pee Pee Dance over a chance at any kind of regulations they can impose on the Internet.

It is truly all we have left ...OR ... we go back to meeting secretly in the woods in the dead of night.


Found a Super Blog With Parallel Interests

Check out the heinous activities of the PNAC

We Would Not Dare :::

What if you learned we are kissing up to the Taliban

And Then You Found Out:::

Dubya and Cronies prove the Lunitacs are in charge of the asylum

Lots more discoveries re serious plots to overthrow SKB, find out the real reason cows in Tenn have legs longer on one side, and I am thinking of organizing a snipe hunt ::: stay tuned.


Saturday, June 14, 2003
And Now ::: Waxman Asks The Secretary Of Defense ::: Re: Dick Cheney

At the end of April, Henry Waxman was so concerned he wrote Rumsfeld to inquire about Halliburton's ties to terrorism.

Quite a catalogue of charges leveled here from: doing business with two of the three countries named in Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech, wondering why Marc Rich is considered a traitor, but Halliburton is not, why in 2002, VP Cheney lied on national television and denied his involvement -- only to have to correct that a month later.

Cheney stated, "I had a firm policy that we would not do anything in Iraq, even -- even arrangements that were supposed to be legal ...[W]e've not done any business in Iraq since the sanctions [were] imposed, and I had a standing policy that I wouldn't do that."

A month later, confronted with an admission by a Halliburton spokesman that the company indeed did business with Iraq, Vice President Cheney admitted that "[w]hen we took over Dresser, we inherited two joint ventures with Ingersoll-Rand that were selling some parts to Iraq," but he said he did not know of this at the time.

Cheney also said that "[s]hortly after we took control of Dresser, we divested ourselves of those two companies."

It gets even better....

Two former senior execs of the Halliburton subsidiaries contradicted that evidence by saying they know of no policy against doing business with Iraq. They also said they were sure Mr. Cheney knew they were doing business with Iraq, and said Halliburton did not divest itself of the subsidiaries "shortly" after Halliburton took control of Dresser. Instead, the firms traded with Iraq for more than a year under Mr. Cheney, signing almost $30 million in contracts.

Waxman's letter spans 8 pages (including footnotes) and speaks of great concern about American citizens and companies trading with countries despite U.S. embargoes. In press accounts and SEC filings, Halliburton and its subsidiaries have been linked to three nations know for their support of terrorism: Iran, Iraq and Libya. Such dealings have been prohibited by federal law since the 1980s. Halliburton has sought to circumvent these restrictions by setting up subsidiaries in foreign territories such as the Cayman Islands.

Waxman details questionable or illegal transactions involving all three, Iran, Iraq and Libya, and claims these actions are still going on today. Mr. Waxman also stresses these contracts from the Defense Department and other agencies to Halliburton and subsidiaries have produced over $800 million in revenues.

Profiteering on War On Terror

As of August 2002, the Navy had given Brown and Root over $53 million in work orders over the past 15 months, including $37 million to build the detention cells at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where terrorist suspects captured in Afghanistan are being held. Brown and Root was also awarded a cost reimbursable design-build contract valued in excess of $100 million for construction of the new U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

Well gang.... there are loads more goodies contained in the letter, but ::: fingers cramped and belly hungry. So click away and see if Cheney should be nominated for the new GrannyRant Pig-Trough Award.

Yum ::: hungry ... gotta go!


Baghdad / Nashville Connection

Who would have thought? :::

Bonds Between Heaven and Earth
Thursday, June 12, 2003

What is LOGCAP ... and ... why should we care?

LOGCAP alone is worth over $425 million.

The LA Times knows ... and ... Waxman wants to know!

More about LOGCAP

Had a few more items to post, but looks like I will be in Blogging School over the weekend. Even the little ditties at the top of the screen ... such a bolding, italics don't do much except enter fancy code language. Hmmmm ..... perhaps when I use Post and Publish? Lets give that a try.
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Hello, hello and hello!

This is such an exciting day for me to actually have my own Blog. And I owe it all to a super guy, South Knox Bubba. He set it all up for me and now I am off into blogging heaven.

Too Much? Anyone throw up yet?

Really, a huge thanks to my buddy in Knoxville!

I'm not going to try to think of anything exciting to post just yet. I am pretty sure that first one will draw quite enough fire.

I will say this much ... I was thinking how smart Bush was to get on with his Road Map in time for 2004 election, but the news is not looking good for Dubya on the Map score.

I honestly do not think either side on that conflict has any interest in peace. It just looks like they each want to destroy the other.

Gonna stop for now and just revel in the fact I have a blog.

Granny :) :)
I have been "studying" now for ... well ... I guess it took me about 6 months to get UN-Numb and UN-Emotional after 9-11. Even here in this fairly sleepy little berg of Morristown, I really felt like someone had smacked me with a 2 X 4. Then I got curious and started reading and reading and reading and taking a break <G> and reading and reading .... I know you get the pic.  I remember I told you, I felt so alone cause all my friends,  husband and family were sick to death of me talking about what was happening in this country, about how shocked I was no one was talking about it or seemed to be aware of the magnitude of sleaze governance.  Our future loomed grave and bleak if all (or even some) of the articles and wildly crazy conspiracy theories I was reading contained a kernel of truth.

And the most horrible part is after all the reading and studying and asking people how a citizen can really find out the truth about what is happening and who are these idiots in Washington ... just as you said ... nobody seems to care!

That fact alone galvanized me.  I was genuinely terrified... about DSEA and the Nazis in Justice and the Defense Policy Board and how many of our freedoms were ticking off into oblivion. Because of 911 ... because we were frightened, confused, deeply wounded deeply and in a state of shock, this insidious virus was spreading at  extraordinary speed. And nobody seemed to care or be worried or notice.

I don't know who perpetrated 911, and I think there are very few who do. I am not saying I have any evidence to support the claim the Bushies (CIA and FBI and NSA) planned it to throw us into a state of fear in which we would be willing to accept almost any erosion of our freedoms for security.  I do believe from all my reading Bush and Comp (and Clinton Admin) had specific warning of this attack ... called Project Bojinka and did nothing, asked the FBI and CIA to back off investigating Bin Laden,  (Will you ever forget the "peed in my pants look on Dubya's face when news was whispered in his ear and according to reports of days events as stated in 911 Commission by one of the victims families, there is no reason he should not have know of hijacked planes at the time  Exposed: The Hypocrisy Of The 9/11 Commission  ). 

More 911 links:

WTC United Family Group

Official version of collapse:  I remember that morning driving to work and hearing Peter Jennings say (TV station on car radio) he had a report of a truck bomb exploded at the Pentagon.  I saw the towers drop straight down and the official explanations just do not cut it.... Especially in light of the fact that the company who got the contract (immediately) to clean up was none other than Controlled Demolition who also had the contract to clean up Okla. City Bombing.  Something smells!

Official version here:

Collapse of the World Trade Center

Another view:

Eyewitness Reports Persist Of Bombs At WTC Collapse

The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism

Stuff from

Some radical ones: 

The Enemy Is Very Much Within

WTC: additional detonation

(CRG) - Bush Knew

I do know from reading about the "agenda" of the NWO folks (the Elite, Illuminati, Eastern Establishment -- the folks from the think tanks [Rand, Heritage Inst, Brookings, etc], CFR, TC, Bilderberg, European Round Tables [RIIA, I think they are called], PNAC and many more -- their agenda is Globalization - one world gov, one world bank, one world army. 

To achieve this end, several things must happen. They must gain enough power to control the strongest military in the world, they must establish permanent bases all around the world to "keep the peace" after takeover, they must control the law making bodies of the most powerful countries on earth, they must have control of space, they must gain control of the Internet (so we'd better be paying attention), they must control the media. And one of the most important aspects and the most difficult for them is the destruction of the sovereignty of all nation states. 

Quotes from Famous Folks on NWO:

New World Order Quotes - Illuminati Plans in their own words - NWO Quotes from

Recently I ran across a tape from Jan 1991 labeled "Gulf War."  I had made a series of tapes at that time by just inserting a tape and leaving for work.  Later I gave those tapes to a friend ... her son in law was just back from the Gulf with an injury and he wanted to see the tapes. I said he could keep them, thinking I would not be interested in viewing them again.  But here was one tape I apparently missed. I watched it and laughed at the fashions and the "big hair" and all the much younger folks ... Rather, Cheney, Powell, etc. On that tape was President Bush's speech on the first night of the war... and my point is, to my surprise, he mentioned New World Order at least three times in that speech.  Interesting.

After being a nervous wreck and spilling my acid gut onto your blog, I did begin to notice people making comments about the very worries I had. Even though the media (free press) is basically gone and most of all the news is scripted and spoon fed to us, I learned I could find other views on great blogs (like yours) and by checking what the foreign press had to say.  I take all news, mainstream, foreign press, Internet, conspiracy theory, etc with a huge grain of salt ... but I still try to read as much as I can.

And after a mere, what maybe 18 months of reading like a demon, I am not sure anyone can keep up with all the sleaze going on. I am still very afraid for our country and it is not just because of the current administration ... it is because of the very Elite we protested against (or me anyway -- old Grannie) in the sixties.  We called it by many names. Big business, The Establishment, etc. and I now realize I had no clue whatsoever what I was talking about.

I promise to SHUT UP soon!!

(CRG) - 911 New Revelations  (CRG) - Bush Knew

Things that freak me to the max:

*** The Federal Reserve is not owned by the government and they are the people who print our money!! Why did I not know this? It is talked about just as though it is an official dept or arm of our government.

*** That means Alan Greenspan, the Fed Chairman, works for a private consortium of international bankers, i.e., Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds. It is chilling.

*** All the President's men (or at least almost every one of them) are members of the Elite orgs who are working like demons for New World Order and say so right out front in CFR publications such as "Foreign Affairs" mag, the CFR rag and expound their philosophies in fairly public forums such as PNAC.

Over the past years -- I guess since Pres. Wilson (back then it was mostly the international bankers), the number of members of government - senate, congress and cabinet as well as advisors who are affiliated with the main orgs of NWO has steadily grown to an incredible percentage... memberships in CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberg, and many of the so called secret orgs.

How on earth can we be so stupid to not notice all the LIES told daily: (some items may have changed... they usually pony up when caught:

*** Bush promising $40 billion to NY after 911 - last time I looked..... zip!

*** Bush pledging $15 Billion to Africa for Aids, but taking it from the Malaria budget.

*** Bush and Cheney asking Daschle and others to not push for investigation of 911 because it would take money away from the War On Terror

Too mush more to list.

Ok really going to hush after this...

THis is very long, detailed and lots of it concerns physics waaaayyy over my head, but it is worth a look.

Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics

This is the most amazing information I have found, very complex, but it seems legit.  If.... if just the smallest bit of it is true, we are in a true delimma. Please let me know if you find any evidence of this being some giant hoax.

On the one hand, there is the question of the morality of this being kept secret in view of how much the technology could help the world. On the other, after reading it all, plus lots more about it, I realize it would mean great upheaval for our economy, maybe destroy it  And if the powers that be keep it to themselves and allow the technology to progress, THEY will own it and it will still cost us a fortune somehow. It will only be used for their advantage and enrichment.

I am usually all for knowledge being released to everyone, but just think, if it is true and these weapons do exist and suddenly everyone knows ... there will be no reason for everyone involved in this technology not to go ahead and use it in an all out scalar war. Twice recently on CSpan, I have heard guarded reference electromagnetic weapons. Many of the links I tried including on about the E-Bomb were unavailable.

Patent app. for Zero-Point:

Tom Bearden Site - Scalar Em Stuff

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